2019 Transportation Improvement Program Update

The Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) is soliciting applications for transportation projects that sponsors would like to have considered for funding through Federal transportation programs. Projects selected to receive Federal transportation funds will be included in the 2019-2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The 2019-2024 TIP will cover the five Federal Fiscal Years (FFYs) between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2024. Projects that utilize federal transportation funds in Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady counties (with the exception of the Village of South Glens Falls and the Town of Moreau) must be included in the TIP.

The adopted 2016-2021 TIP will remain in place during the update process.

For questions regarding the 2019 Transportation Improvement Program update, contact Michael V. Franchini, Executive Director or David Jukins, Deputy Director at pjp@cdtcmpo.org or call 518-458-2161.

Route 85 Reconstruction Photo

Key Dates:

November 28, 2018Project Application Deadline
January 2 - 11, 2019
CDTC Advisory Committees Meet to Discuss Candidate Projects
January 9, 2019.CDTC Planning Committee Meeting - Project Candidate List Available, Availability of Federal Funds for New Projects to be Discussed
February 7, 2019CDTC Planning Committee Meeting - New Project Programming Begins

Complete 2019-2024 TIP Update Schedule

General Information

Important Updates:

1) For project sponsors that submitted 2018 Bridge NY applications to the NYSDOT, if your bridge project was NOT awarded Bridge NY funding and you would like to apply to CDTC for the same bridge project, you must complete and submit the CDTC Project Application below.

2) For project sponsors that submitted 2018 TAP/CMAQ applications to the NYSDOT, if you would like to apply to CDTC for the same project, you can submit your full NYSDOT TAP/CMAQ application with all supporting documentation in place of CDTC's Project Application.

Guidance and Eligibility

Evaluation Criteria

Benefit/Cost Ratio (Quantitative Component)
Merit Score Sheet (Qualitative Component)

Reference Data and Additional Information


Federal Aid Roads:

Map (PDF)

List (Excel)

NYSDOT Functional Classification Viewer

National Highway System (NHS) Roads:

Local NHS Roads List (PDF)

All NHS Roads List (PDF)

NYSDOT Traffic Volume Data Viewer

2017 Non-State Federal Aid Road Pavement Conditions:

CDTC Planning Area

Albany County
Rensselaer County
Saratoga County
Schenectady County

Note: Preventive/corrective maintenance projects typically have a pavement condition score of 6. A pavement can be considered for preventive/corrective maintenance with a condition score of 5 if the previous year the score was 6. Pavements with a score of 7 can be crack sealed after 4 to 6 years of service. Pavements with a condition score of 5 or less for more than two cycles are considered to be beyond preservation and should be considered for rehabilitation or reconstruction.


Safety projects that may be eligible for Highway Safety Improvement Program funds are required to complete Traffic Engineering (TE) Crash Analysis Forms.

HSIP Funding Guidance (2017)

Visit the NYSDOT Crash Analysis Toolbox webpage for the forms and additional details.

Contact us for assistance with crash data.

NYS Strategic Highway Safety Plan
NYS Pedestrian Safety Action Plan


To assist sponsors in developing cost estimates for bicycle and pedestrian related project features, refer to the NYSDOT Complete Street Quick Estimator.

NYS Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

CDTC Priority Networks

CDTC has been utilizing priority networks in planning and project programming since they were originally developed by New Visions task forces for the 1997 regional transportation plan. Priority Networks exist for bicyclists and pedestrians, freight, intelligent transportation systems and transit.

These networks are used in CDTC’s merit evaluation of Transportation Improvement Program project proposals and can be reviewed in the map viewers below. For each network, click the details tab in the viewer for additional information.

Bicycle & Pedestrian

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)



2019-2024 TIP Candidate Project List

Project IDSponsorProject NameProject Type Project Fact Sheet
1Albany CountyNY 155/CR 157 New Karner Road Corridor RehabilitationPavement ReconstructionFact Sheet
2NYSDOTNY 155/CR 157 Watervliet Shaker Road Phase IIIPavement ReconstructionFact Sheet
3Albany Port District AuthorityContainer on Barge Service (Port of Albany from/to Port Authority of NY & NJ)OtherFact Sheet
4City of AlbanyAlbany SkywayOtherFact Sheet
5City of AlbanyBroadway Rehabilitation ProjectPavement PreservationFact Sheet
6City of AlbanyCentral Avenue RehabilitationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
7City of AlbanyHenry Johnson Boulevard RehabilitationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
8City of AlbanyLark Street RehabilitationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
9City of AlbanyLivingston Avenue RehabilitationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
10City of AlbanyNew Scotland Avenue Rehabilitation ProjectPavement PreservationFact Sheet
11City of RensselaerRensselear Bicycle & Pedestrians Access ImprovementsBicycle / Pedestrian
Fact Sheet
12City of RensselaerSouth Street Bridge Replacement & Pedestrian ImprovementsBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
13City of RensselaerThird Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation & Bike/Ped ImprovementsPavement PreservationFact Sheet
14City of Saratoga SpringsLake Avenue Corridor Improvement ProjectBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
15City of Saratoga SpringsMissing Links ProgramBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
16City of SchenectadyCraig Street Pavement RehabilitationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
17City of SchenectadyFranklin Street Cycle TrackBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
18City of TroyFirst Street Bridge over Poesten Kill ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
19City of TroyNY 2 Corridor ProjectPavement PreservationFact Sheet
20NYSDOTDunn Bridge WB TO I-787 SBBridge PreservationFact Sheet
21NYSDOTEverett Road Bridge over I-90Bridge PreservationFact Sheet
22NYSDOTI-87 Exit 6 Interchange Safety ImprovementsSafetyFact Sheet
23NYSDOTI-87 over NY 29 Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
24NYSDOTI-87 Resurfacing Exit 16 to CDTC Planning Area BoundaryPavement PreservationFact Sheet
25NYSDOTI-87 Resurfacing Exits 11-13Pavement PreservationFact Sheet
26NYSDOTI-87 Resurfacing Exits 13-15Pavement PreservationFact Sheet
27NYSDOTI-87 Resurfacing Exits 15-16Pavement PreservationFact Sheet
28NYSDOTI-90 Pavement Corrective Maintenance Exit 10.5 (at Kraft Road) to NYS ThruwayPavement PreservationFact Sheet
29NYSDOTI-90 Pavement Corrective Maintenance Hudson River to Exit 10.5 (at Kraft Road)Pavement PreservationFact Sheet
30NYSDOTI-787 Pavement Corrective Maintenance Exit 3B to Exit 7 (NY 378)Pavement PreservationFact Sheet
31NYSDOTI-787 Southbound Ramp to the Dunn Bridge EastboundBridge PreservationFact Sheet
32NYSDOTI-890 over Erie Blvd and Broadway (Two Bridges) Corrective MaintenanceBridge PreservationFact Sheet
33NYSDOTI-890 Pavement Preservation from Thruway Exit 26 to I-890 Exit 3Pavement PreservationFact Sheet
34NYSDOTInterstate Overhead Sign Structure ReplacementOtherN/A
35NYSDOTNelson Ave over I-87 Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
36NYSDOTNY 7 at 5 CornersIntersectionFact Sheet
37NYSDOTNY 29 Over D&H RR Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
38NYSDOTNY 32 Over Fish Creek Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
39NYSDOTNY 50 Pavement Rehabilitation and Traffic CalmingPavement ReconstructionFact Sheet
40NYSDOTNY 67 Corridor ImprovementsPavement ReconstructionFact Sheet
41NYSDOTNY 67 Over B&M RR Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
42NYSDOTNY 146 Over I-890Bridge Preservation
Fact Sheet
43NYSDOTNY 146 Over Normanskill Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
44NYSDOTNY 146 Safety ProjectSafetyFact Sheet
45NYSDOTNY 378 Over Hudson Bridge PaintingBridge PreservationFact Sheet
46NYSDOTNY 378 Troy Menands Bridge Replacement StudyOtherN/A
47NYSDOTNY 396 Over Coeyman's Creek Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
48NYSDOTUS 4 Over the Hudson River & Canal Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
49NYSDOTUS 4/I-90 Intersection Safety Improvements SafetyFact Sheet
50NYSDOTUS 9W Over CSX/CP Rail Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
51NYSDOTUS 9W/I-787 Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
52NYSDOTUS 20 Over Schoharie Creek Bridge Deck ReplacementBridge PreservationFact Sheet
53NYSDOTWater Street Bridge over the D&H RailroadBridge PreservationFact Sheet
54Rensselaer CountyBest Road (CR 55) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
55Rensselaer CountyBrookview Road (CR 5) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
56Rensselaer CountyEastern Union Turnpike (CR 49) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
57Rensselaer CountyFogarty Road (CR 126) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
58Rensselaer CountyPershing Avenue (CR 68) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
59Rensselaer CountyRiver Road (CR 120) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
60Rensselaer CountySnyders Lake Road (CR 68) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
61Rensselaer CountyTamarac Road (CR 129) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
62Rensselaer CountyTown Office Road (CR 135) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
63Saratoga CountyBallard Road (CR 33) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
64Saratoga CountyCoons Crossing Road over Anthony Kill Bridge ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
65Saratoga CountyDix Bridge - Clarks’s Mill Road (CR42) over the Hudson RiverBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
66Saratoga CountyLasher Road Bridge over the Mourning Kill RehabilitationBridge PreservationFact Sheet
67Saratoga CountyMiddle Line Road (CR59) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
68Saratoga CountyNorth Shore Rd Bridge over Beecher Creek ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
69Saratoga CountyTiffault Road Bridge over Mourning Kill Element-Specific RehabilitationBridge PreservationFact Sheet
70Schenectady CountyGuilderland Avenue Pavement Preservation ProjectPavement PreservationFact Sheet
71Schenectady CountyHelderberg Avenue Pavement Preservation ProjectPavement PreservationFact Sheet
72Schenectady CountyRiver Road and Providence Avenue Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
73Schenectady CountyRosendale Road (CR 158) Pavement PreservationPavement PreservationFact Sheet
74Town of BethlehemDelaware Avenue Complete Streets & Road Diet ProjectPavement PreservationFact Sheet
75Town of BethlehemGlenmont Road Bridge Widening ProjectBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
76Town of Clifton ParkClifton Country Road Pedestrian EnhancementsBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
77Town of Clifton ParkGrooms Road Multi-Use Trail Connection to Moe Road Multi-Use TrailBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
78Town of Clifton ParkHubbs Road-Main Street Multi-Use TrailBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
79Town of Clifton ParkNY 146 and NY 146A Bicycle and Pedestrian and Bicycle Access ImprovementsBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
80Town of Clifton ParkNY 146/Miller Road/Tanner Road Intersection ImprovementsIntersectionFact Sheet
81Town of ColonieAlbany Shaker Road Corridor ImprovementsSafetyFact Sheet
82Town of East GreenbushAmerican Oil Road RehabilitationBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
83Town of East GreenbushGilligan Road Pedestrian EnhancementsBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
84Town of East GreenbushHampton Lake Loop Trail and Regional Connections ProjectBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
86Town of GlenvilleFreemans Bridge Road – Multi-Use PathBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
87Town of GuilderlandCarmen Road SidewalksBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
88Town of GuilderlandEast Old State Road SidewalksBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
89Town of GuilderlandFrench's Mill Bike/Ped BridgeBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
90Town of GuilderlandGun Club Road SidewalkBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
91Town of Malta and Town of Ballston SpaNY 67 and Eastline Road Intersection ImprovementsIntersectionFact Sheet
92Town of ProvidenceAntioch Road Bridge over Alder Creek ReplacementBridge ReplacementFact Sheet
93Town of RotterdamRoute 5S Pedestrian/Bicycle Access ImprovementsBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet
94Town of WiltonNY 50 Safety ImprovementsIntersectionFact Sheet
95Village of Green IslandCohoes Avenue Transportation Improvement ProjectPavement PreservationFact Sheet
96Village of Round LakeUS 9 Lakefront Pedestrian/Cyclist Underpass RehabilitationOtherFact Sheet
97Village of ScotiaSunnyside RoadPavement PreservationFact Sheet
98Village of ScotiaSunnyside Road BridgeBridge PreservationFact Sheet
99Village of ScotiaVley RoadPavement PreservationFact Sheet
100Village of ScotiaWahington Avenue Ped/Bike ConnectionBicycle / PedestrianFact Sheet