Funding Sources

5307-ATI               FTA Section 5307 Associated Transit Improvement

5307-Enh               FTA Section 5307 Transit Enhancement

5307-OP                 FTA Section 5307 Operating Assistance

5307-S                    FTA Section 5307 for Saratoga Springs

5316-Sar                 FTA Section 5316 for Saratoga Springs

5317-Sar                 FTA Section 5317 for Saratoga Springs

AIP                         Airport Improvement Program

Bond                       New York State 1988 Bond Issue

Byways                  Scenic Byways Funds

CHIPS                    Consolidated Highway Improvement Program

CMAQ                   Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program

CMAQ-NY            CMAQ funds from the NY allocation, rather than the Region

Demo.                    Federal Demonstration (Discretionary or Earmarked)

Demo.100              Demo. funds with no local or state match (100% federal)

FA                          Miscellaneous Federal Aid

GRT                       Gross Receipts Tax

HBRR                    Highway Bridge Rehabilitation & Replacement

HBRR-Dis              Highway Bridge Rehabilitation & Replacement Discretionary

HBRR-NY             HBRR funds from the NY allocation, rather than the Region

HBRR-100             HBRR funds with no local or state match (100% federal)

HSIP                       Highway Safety Improvement Program

IAP                         Industrial Access Program

IM                          Interstate Maintenance

IVHS                      Federal IVHS Discretionary Fund Source

Local                      100% Local (Above and beyond required match)

NFA                       Miscellaneous Non-Federal Aid

NHPP                     National Highway Performance Program

NHS                       National Highway System

OperAssis               Operating Assistance

PLH                        Public Lands & Highways

Rail                        Rail crossing funds (a subset of HSIP)

Safety                     HSIP at MPO discretion for highway use

SALB                     State Aid for Local Bridges

SDF                        State Dedicated Fund

Sec 3037                FTA Section 3037 (Access to Jobs)

Sec 5307                FTA Section 5307

Sec 5309                FTA Section 5309

Sec 5310                FTA Section 5310

Sec 5311                FTA Section 5311

Sec 5316                FTA Section 5316

Sec 5317                FTA Section 5317

SRTS                      Safe Routes to Schools

State                       100% State, including State Multimodal Program

Stim                        Stimulus funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

StimNew                Stimulus funds not replacing other funding

StimRail                 Stimulus funds for rail

StimT                     Stimulus funds for transit

StimTNew              Stimulus funds for transit not replacing other funding

STP                        Surface Transportation Program

STP-Enh.                STP Enhancements

STP-Flex                STP Flexible

STP-Rail                STP Rail

STP-Rur.                STP Rural

STP-Safe                STP Safety 

STP-SMU               STP Small Urban Area

STP-Urb.                STP Urban

TCSP                      Transportation, Community & System Preservation

Thruway                 New York State Thruway Authority

TOA                       State Transit Operating Assistance