TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
S235 1760.16 Duanesburg Churches Road over
S236 1760.15 Schenectady Bridges: Element Specific
S237 1933.34 Grade Crossing Upgrade: Maxon Road/CP
S238 1810.26 NY 911F (Freemans Bridge) over the
S239 1525.37 Michigan Avenue Bridge over I-890:
S240 1760.40 Sunnyside Road from Freemans Bridge Rd.
S241 1760.41 Erie Blvd. Renewal: Union Street to Nott
S242 1760.42 Broadway from 0.12 miles south of
S243 1760.43 Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail
S244 1760.44 Highbridge Road & East Campbell Road:
S245 1760.62 Rosa Road, Wendell Avenue and Nott
S246 1760.61 Highbridge Rd. & East Campbell Rd.:
S247 1760.57 Brandywine Avenue, I-890 to State Street:
S249 1760.60 Nott Street/Balltown Road Intersection:
S250 1760.77 River Road/Rosendale Road Intersection:
S251 1933.47 Air National Guard Road: Grade
S252 1933.48 Van Buren Lane: Grade Crossing
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