TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
SA214 1722.05 I-87, Exit 12 to Exit 15: Pavement Repair
SA244 1089.64 US 4 over the Hudson River: Element
SA258 1759.16 North Line Road/Old Post Road/Malta
SA279 1759.70 North Central Avenue Pedestrian Safety
SA280 1759.83 Geyser Road (CR 43)
SA281 1759.84 Sitterly Road at Woodin Road and
SA282 1759.85 Malta "Share the Road" Signage
SA283 1759.86 Sitterly Road from US 9 to Clifton Park
SA290 1760.11 Geyser Road Spa State Park Bicycle and
SA292 1760.14 Zim Smith Trail Bike/Ped Bridge
SA295 1760.38 Pruyn Hill Pedestrian Safety, Phase II
SA296 1760.39 Zim Smith Southern Trail Extension, From
SA297 1760.46 Ashdown Rd. Bridge over the DHRR:
SA300 1722.44 East High Street & Crescent Avenue over
SA301 1760.47 Geyser Rd. (CR 43), Avenue of the Pines
SA302 1760.56 CR 13 (Barkersville Fayville Road) over
SA303 1933.37 Grade Crossing Upgrade: Coons Crossing
SA304 1085.43 NY 146/NY 146A Intersection: Safety
SA305 1760.67 CR 21 (Middle Grove Road) over
SA306 1760.82 Moe Road Multi-Use Path
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