TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
A553 1759.78 Albany Shaker Road/Dalessondro Boulevard
A554 1759.79 City of Albany Mill & Fills
A562 1760.13 Henry Johnson Blvd. over Sherman Street:
A563 1051.79 South Mall Expressway Pier 18 Bridges:
A564 1760.25 Madison Avenue from Partridge St. to
A565 1760.26 Madison Avenue from New Scotland Ave.
A566 1760.27 Albany City Pavement Mill & Fills
A567 1760.28 Pearl Street from Clinton Ave. to
A568 1760.29 Hudson Avenue from Tibbits Ave to the
A569 1045.16 NY 377 and NY 378: Mill & Fill
A570 1051.80 I-787 & NY Preservation and Safety
A571 1760.30 Krumkill Road from Font Grove Road
A572 1051.77 I-787 NB Ramp over the SME to SME WB:
A573 1528.84 I-90 Bridge over Erie Blvd.: Element
A574 1528.82 I-90 Bridge over Fuller Road: Element
A575 1039.56 US 9W Bridge over I-787: Element
A576 1007.16 NY 144 Bridge over the Hannacrois Creek:
A577 1760.31 Voorheesville Pedestrian Connectivity
A578 1760.32 NY 32 (3rd Ave.) from 1st St. (South
A579 1760.33 Watervliet Bike Path
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