TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
T90 CDTC90 Hudson River Corridor BRT: Design only
T92 1760.08 Pedestrian Improvements for Transit in
A240 1721.90 I-87 Exit 4 Airport Connector
A290 1347.07 Selkirk Bypass
A295 1753.60 New Karner Road (NY 155), from US 20 to
A453 1759.22 Watervliet Shaker Road, from Karner Road
A487 1306.77 NY 7, I-87 To I-787 Overlap: Minor
A523 1759.14 Albany Shaker Road & Northern Boulevard:
A524 1759.17 Albany County High Risk Rural Road
A526 1758.92 CR 9 over Fox Creek: Element Specific
A527 1758.91 CR 55 over Vloman Kill: Element
A533 1933.17 Main Street Crossing of Canadian Pacific
A538 1809.81 SME Ramp To I-787 North: Bridge
A539 1809.82 I-787 NB to SME: Bridge Rehabilitation
A543 1932.97 Municipal Rail Crossing Work at Bridge
A545 CDTC45 Washington/Western Bus Rapid Transit
A546 1759.68 Delaware Avenue Hamlet Multi-Modal
A549 1759.74 Madison Avenue Road Diet, North Allen
A550 1759.75 Ontario Street & Delaware Avenue
A552 1759.77 Black Bridge Rail Trail Connection:
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