TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
SA306 1760.82 Moe Road Multi-Use Path
SA307 1760.86 Saratoga Greenbelt Downtown Connector
SA308 1933.45 Ashdown Road Grade Crossing Signal
SA309 1933.46 Blue Barns Road (CR 110) Pan AM
SA310 1760.88 Geyser Road Connector Trail
S143 1754.66 Bicycle and Pedestrian Path Near Lock 8
S167 1755.33 Oak Street over CSX: Element Specific
S170 1822.85 Western Gateway Transportation Center
S204 1758.95 Kings Road (CR 65) over CSX:
S206 1758.89 Alplaus Avenue Bridge over Alplaus Kill:
S216 1759.88 Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail Bollard/Gate
S217 1759.89 Flower Hill Multi-Use Path Connection
S218 1759.90 Niskayuna Soccer Fields Multi-Use Path
S219 1759.91 Helderberg Avenue Sidewalks
S221 1759.93 Schenectady County Pavement Preservation
S222 1759.94 Aqueduct Road (CR 10) from Balltown Road
S223 1759.95 Schenectady City Pavement Preservation
S228 1933.24 Grade Crossing Upgrade: Alplaus Avenue
S229 1085.33 Hamburg Street (NY 146) from roundabout
S231 1760.09 Central Park Downtown Trail
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