Documents and Reports

Transportation Improve- ment Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a multi-year program of transportation projects that implements the products of the planning process described in New Visions 2040, CDTC's long-range regaion transportation plan.

Performance Measures

Performance measures provide key statistical information for assessing the impact and condition of our current transportation infrastructure, and helps guide future public investments.

CDTC Products

CDTC produces a number of documents and reports per federal requirements. These plans, studies and programs are the culmination of intensive public outreach and objective analysis, and help to ensure future infrastructure investments provide the utmost benefit to the region.

NY State Plans

The New York State Department of Transportation, or NYSDOT, has published a wide variey of plans and documents regarding infrastructure investment, public safety, engineering & design and many other topics

Regional Plans

In addition to CDTC's long-range transportation plan for the region, our region has several topic and site specific plans and studies related to transportation. While many of these plans come from CDTC, some come from other agencies like CDTA.

Local Plans

CDTC works closely with the cities, towns and villages in our region to provide context sensitive planning solutions to a range of transportation and development issues.