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The Complete Streets Advisory Committee (previously the Complete Streets Working Group) was initially formed in 2013 to review preservation projects for the potential incorporation of complete streets improvements.  The Advisory Committee includes staff from entities represented on CDTC’s Planning Committee including NYSDOT, CDTA, CDRPC, two cities, one county, and two towns. The Committee’s work is facilitated by CDTC staff.

A Purpose and Planned Outcomes statement was developed by the Complete Streets Advisory Committee and reads:

Purpose: The Complete Streets Advisory Committee’s purpose is to assist in identifying opportunities and mechanisms to assist roadway improvement project implementers and municipalities, in partnership with roadway owners, in integrating complete streets elements into a variety of project types as listed below.

The group will research, learn and then share learned information with the Planning Committee and Policy Board, as appropriate, on complete streets tools and techniques that should be integrated into projects across a range of project types. Initial emphasis will be on low cost techniques and partnerships to assist CDTC, NYSDOT, the four counties and municipalities to meet stated goals for improved transportation safety, a multimodal transportation system serving all users, and sustainability goals. Fostering improved communication between project planners and designers to achieve integration is a major goal.

Applicability: There are three broad categories of projects:

Planned Outcomes:

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