Executive Summary
2004 Certification Review

Good examples of metropolitan transportation planning practices abound the CDTC process. We specifically note the trust among the member agencies, the Linkage program, CDTC staff’s involvement in the Albany Airport GEIS mitigation activity, the Title VI/EJ efforts, the Transportation Improvement Program development process, the public involvement practices, the Commuter Ca$h program, and the New Visions planning efforts. We specifically commend the work of CDTC Staff Director John Poorman for his leadership and the CDTC Staff for their professional capabilities.

This report contains numerous commendations for existing practice, as well as a few recommendations for consideration in furthering program excellence, such as an update of the Prospectus, revamping of the website, and an interim update of the Plan.

We foresee an intensive and challenging workload facing the Central Staff and member agency staffs over the next 18 months – specifically regarding the development of the New Visions 2030 Plan and the challenges of NYSDOT’s Transformation process as it relates to CDTC. The potential impacts of the high-tech industry’s development are substantial in the Capital District; CDTC has demonstrated its ability to maintain a professional process when being pressured for quick decisions, which is essential to the long-term wellbeing of the area.