Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of the Meeting on October 11, 2011




1.0 New Business

1.1 Presentation by NYSDOT on the Exit 3/ 4 project bike/ped alternatives

There are two feasible options – diamond configuration ($36.5M) and fly-ver configuration ($26.3M).  The fly-over requires less right-of-way and less expensive and therefore the most attractive option at this time.  NYSDOT and the project committee are looking to make bicycle and pedestrian connections between existing activity generators i.e. Ann Lee Pond and The Crossings. 

-R. Leslie asked if travel lanes could be reduced to accommodate buffer between sidewalk and the road.

-M. Lyons commented that there is a reasonable amount of foot traffic between the airport and hotels (mostly flight staff) and the proposed connector road between Wolf and Albany-Shaker Roads would less than ideal for walking.

-CHA said the shared use path option may work for these users

-M. Lyons recommended an inventory of existing bike and ped baths in the area i.e. Watervliet Shaker Rd relocation project, airport, etc.

-I.Vamos commended CHA’s bike/ped accommodation options; preferred share use paths because they are share for children.

-D.Jukins thanked NYSDOT for opening up the project to public comment and especially to the Bike Ped Task Force; recommended moving beyond the “old think” way of separating highway and bike ped pieces but instead, evaluate them equally and on the same playing field; When walkability is being discussed in relation to any project, but particularly this project, it is necessary to look a the big picture (Hudson Mohawk Trail), not just connection to the Crossing and Anne Lee Pond area; Would prefer the fly-over option because it reduces bike ped conflicts at Wolf Road; Is not a fan of 14 foot shared lanes because they are not friendly to bicyclists; Operations – How is the intersection going to operate for bike/ped? Will there be advanced green? Count down signals? What prevents us from considering bike ped connection along the proposed Diamond configuration? That would provide direction connection from Ann Lee Pond.

-I.Vamos said that 14ft lanes force speeding and larger vehicles into the right lane and make them unusable for cyclists. 

-J. Mearkle said that any road with 30mph+ speed limit with 14ft lanes is not good for cyclists.

-M.Lyons said ped traffic coming from airport terminal walk on east side of Albany Shaker Road near farm stand. Any new path should try and reduce detrous for pedestrians because an extra1/4mile isn’t far for a vehicle but could determine whether or not a pedestrian is willing to walk. 

-D.Jukins commented that it should be important to create consistency at crossings along Wolf Rd.

-Comments should go to website ( or: Angelo Trichilo, P.E., Project Manager, NYS Department of Transportation, 328 State Street, Schenectady, New York 12305.


1.2 Livingston Ave Bridge discussions

Parks & Trails New York has launched an advocacy campaign to maintain bicycle and pedestrian accommodations across the Livingston Avenue Bridge during the planned reconstruction.  To join the coalition of supporters or keep up to date on meetings and information visit: and find them on Facebook and Twitter.


1.3 Recent Conference Updates

The Upstate Transportation Forum (September 22-23) and Parks & Trails Trails Conference (September 23-24) were in Ithaca, NY. 


1.4 Capital Coexist


            1.4.1 Renewed contract with Radio Disney for fall events.


1.5 Priority network update

The network is being updated with subjective criteria. Jason and Teresa are mapping some options to share with the Bike Ped Task Force, will have something ready in November/December.


1.6 Walk to School Events

There were 84 registered Walk to School events in New York State.  The Task Force identified 4 that they were aware of that happened in the Capital District – Eagle Point Elementary School, Green Island K-6, Niskayuna, and Schenectady. 


1.7 "They just don't get it..."

I. Vamos noticed that the building manager at 1 Park Place finally put a bike rack out behind the building just as the Fall/Winter season has fallen upon us. 


1.8 Other New Business

-J.Purvis – Syracuse bike map was highlighted on YNN

-Albany looking to bike counts throughout City and looking for volunteers.

-B.Kehoe looking organize a meeting for Livingston Avenue Bridge bike ped accommodations

-E.Tremblay – in next 30 days will have a public hearing on pedestrian bridge between Cohoes (end of Oct/beginning of Nov); met with consultant on final design on trail from Harmony Mills down to Delaware Ave Trail and hope to build in Spring.

-J.Stangle said the Village of Menands has tried to comment on NYSDOT’s reconstruction of Broadway in Menands but has not receiving a response.  Project was going to bid and it has been really frustrating that the Town and Village wasn’t contacted or coordinated with by NYSDOT, as the Village has plans for that corridor. 

-J.Mearkle is looking at fiscal year 2011 TIGER grants and will get started on application for Albany County; last year, a Philadelphia trail project that filled in the gaps in a regional system was awarded TIGER funds so it is hopeful that Albany County’s trail projects could be competitive. 

-C.Ward announced the launch of the new TDM website:

-There was an article in the Timesunion regarding Ghost Bikes:


2.0 Upcoming Events

Meetings Open to the Public: