Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on October 1, 2008


Attendance: James Levy (WSA/Niskayuna Resident), Raj Malhotra (NYSDOT Region 1 Planning), Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Elaine Troy (NYSDOH), Jason Purvis (CDTC), Jennifer Ceponis (CDTC), Doug Haller (Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network), Nelson Ronsvalle (Town of Halfmoon), Kelly Mateja (Town of Colonie), Henrietta O’Grady (Town of Halfmoon Trails Committee)


1.0   New Business


1.1  Transportation Enhancement Program– The review committee submitted a list of recommendations to the Planning Committee.  At its October 1, 2008 meeting, the Planning Committee approved a prioritized list that was sent to the Transportation Enhancements Advisory Committee (TEAC).  Discussion regarding the Enhancement Program at the Planning Committee meeting can be found in the meeting minutes posted on the CDTC website for the October 1 meeting.  Announcements will be made by the Governor’s and/or NYSDOT Commissionor’s Office.  Any Enhancement Program news will be shared with the Task Force.


1.2  Spot-Improvement Program – CDTC has reviewed the applications and will meet with DOT to develop a prioritized list.  The projects approved for funding will be shared in November’s Task Force meeting.


1.3  ITE Webinar – CDTC is hosting an ITE Webinar on “Pedestrian Crosswalk Policies: New Tools and Treatments” on Wednesday November 12, 2008 at 12:00-1:30 pm at the CDTC offices.  RSVP is required due to limited seating. 


1.4  Local Project Updates


1.4.1. Altamont Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan – The first public meeting was help on October 6 with a turn out of about 45-50 people.  Most of the residents who attended the meeting were supportive of the project.  CDTC is awaiting a summary of the meeting from Alta Planning & Design.

1.4.2. Albany Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan – The IBI Group was selected as the consultant for the project based on their past experience and project proposal.  The Study kickoff meeting is scheduled for October 24.  The meeting will include, but will not be limited to, prioritizing city streets and corridors for bicycle accommodations, developing a map and discussing what treatments should be explored. 


1.5  Next Round of Linkage – The Planning Committee approved another round of the Linkage Program.  Some changes to the program include a $30,000 total project cost minimum ($7,500 cost share from sponsor) and a $100,000 total project cost maximum ($25,000 cost share from sponsor).   Project proposals and applications are due by November 21, 2008.


1.6 Meeting notices – In an effort to improve on distributing meeting announcements and sharing material, Jason will begin sending an email reminder to the Task Force approximately one week before meetings.  Agendas, meeting notes, and any material that would normally be handed out (when possible) will be posted on CDTC’s website.


1.7 They Just Don’t Get It… -

            1.7.1 A photo was shared showing a ticketed bicycle at Colonie Center, outside of the movie theatre.  It appeared that the bicycle was ticketed for “parking on the pavement,” because it was locked to a sign.  Discussions of how to improve bicycle parking throughout the region followed.


1.8 Other New Business


            1.8.1 Parks & Trails New York is launching a new Capacity Building Grants program for park and trail groups in New York State. The grants, of up to $3,000, will strengthen not-for-profit organizations that are working to build and protect parks and trails in communities across the state.  Applications are due October 31.  Additional information can be found on their website (


            1.8.2 K. Mateja reported that the $500,000 grant received by the Town of Colonie by NYS OPRHP to purchase land along the riverfront may not be used as the Town is looking into selling the land to water companies for sludge drying beds. 



1.8.3 Any suggestions for November of December agenda items should be forwarded to Jason, as well as any ideas to help re-energize the Task Force.


1.8.4 J. Purvis reported that NYSDOT is interested in reestablishing the statewide bicycle and pedestrian committee.


            1.8.4 J. Levy suggested that a discussion with AMD or the Town of Malta regarding bicycle and pedestrian accommodations surrounding the new development in Luther Forest would be an interesting future agenda item.


            1.8.5 N. Ronsvalle announced that Halfmoon was awarded a technical assistance grant from the National Parks Service, along with other communities along the Champlain Canal from Whitehall to Waterford.  The project is part of the Lakes-to-Locks Passage Program.


The Halfmoon/Mechanicville Rail Yard is talking with the Town of Halfmoon about creating a connection to the Zim Smith Trail as part of the Rail Yard’s expansion.  The Rail Yard needs an emergency access route which could double as a multi-use path. 


The Town of Halfmoon might get some assistance for their northern portion of the trail system by working with a sewer plant in the town.


            1.8.6 H. O’Grady announced that the Crescent Trail on the north side of the River went out for bid.  The trail will connect to Clifton Park.  The fishing access on the north side of the River is due to open soon.


H. O’Grady announced the Shenendehowa received $500,000 from NYSDOT’s Safe Routes to School Program.


1.8.7 J. Ceponis distributed PTNY Campaign for Parks postcards.


1.8.8 E. Troy announced that the NYS Department of Health (DOH) released an RFA for community based healthy organizations modeled on the Robert Wood Johnson healthy living by design program.  The deadline for applications was Tuesday, October 14 and award recipients will be announced in January. .


            1.8.9 K. Mateja announced that the Farmers’ Market at The Crossings will be extended through October.


It was suggested that NYSDOT encourage Safe Routes to School award recipients to plan and promote large Walk to School Day events for 2009. 


1.8.10 D. O’Dell will be a member of the Albany Bike Plan’s Study Advisory Committee which will have its first meeting on Friday, October 24. 


The City of Albany is looking at re-striping Madison Avenue and converting it from four lanes to two with a center turning lane and bicycle lanes.  Both the Albany Bicycling Coalition and Pine Hills Neighborhood Associations are advocating for a Complete Streets policy on the major city street.


1.8.11 D. Haller is a new Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force member.  He is working with the Healthy Transportation Infrastructure Network to do a bike recycling program and to set up a sustainability task force in Saratoga Springs.  One element of the sustainability task force that his group is proposing is a part-time bicycle and pedestrian coordinator.


            1.8.12 R. Maholtra attended a meeting in the Town of Malta regarding a new home development near Luther Forest and suggested to the consultant that sidewalks and trails be included in the development.


2.0  Upcoming Events


The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for November 18 at 4:30 PM.