DATE/TIME/PLACE:  Friday, November 19, 1993, 9:30-11:15 AM, CDTC Offices



IN ATTENDANCE:  Brad Birge (CDRPC), John DiMura (NYS Thruway Authority), Ken Grudens (Hudson River Valley Greenway Communities Council), Don Odell (Albany County Planning), Don Robertson (NYSDOT - Region 1 Planning), Joann Ryan (City of Albany Planning Department), Bert Schou (CDTA), Steve Allocco (CDTC)





Don Odell and Bert Schou distributed papers they prepared on bicycle and pedestrian issues and possible actions for the region to pursue.  (Copies are attached for Task Force members who did not attend the meeting.)  Members remarked that the papers were very well written, forceful summaries of the group's views and goals.  Working from these two papers and the second draft of the December white paper, the group established the desired contents and style of the paper (see next section).  Don, Bert and Steve will meet next week to work on the writeup (see "action items" below); should this work be completed at that time, copies will be sent to Task Force participants for review, although there will be no other full Task Force meetings prior to the December 1 deadline.  Prior to the December 14 conference, however, the group will meet to give Don the opportunity to "dry run" his presentation and to set up a strategy for Task Force members to use in presenting the Task Force's ideas at their tables during the small group discussions (see "action items" below).


The remainder of this document briefly summarizes the group's deliberations regarding the content of the white paper.  Much of the discussion was of how to most effectively present the case for investment in bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.








Following the conference, it is expected that Task Force meetings will take the guidance of the RTP "community" as a whole back to its efforts to shape the content of the bicycle/pedestrian component ....




*          Don, Bert and Steve to meet Tuesday, November 23 at 9:00 AM to work on writeup

*          Next full Task Force meeting:  Friday, December 10, 10:00 AM, CDTC Offices, 5 Computer Drive West, Colonie.

*          Proposed Meeting Agenda/Sequence:  "Dry run" of Don's presentation, discussion of Task Force members' (work in small groups)