Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on November 9, 2010


Attendance: Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Jason Purvis (CDTC), Jen Ceponis (CDTC), Todd Fabozzi (CDRPC), Carrie Ward (CDTA), Katie Bronson (City of Albany), Mike Lyons (Town of Colonie), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Susan Olsen (NSYDOT Reg. 1), Jeff Gritsavage (NSYDOT), Ed Tremblay (City of Cohoes), Rob Leslie (Town of Bethlehem)


1.0   New Business

1.1 Bike Rack Program – The CDTA bike rack map is complete and can be found on the CDTA website:  If there are any pre-existing racks that municipalities would like added to the map, please send the rack address and a photo to Carrie ( 

1.1.1 Bike Lockers - The 2011 CDTA Bike Rack Program will include bike lockers and/or bike shelters.

1.1.2 Bike Parking at the Train Station – Carrie has discussed the possibility of enhanced bicycle storage at the Rensselaer Rail Station with Amtrak personnel.  Due to post 9/11 security concerns, any type of locker would need to be located a considerable distance away from the station (i.e. in or around the long-term parking lot).  However, transparent bike shelters would be located out front of the station.  Any type of long-term storage would be coin-operated.  The Task Force generally agreed that lockers would be preferred over shelters and CDTA should reach out to the NYC MPO (NYMTC) and/or MTA to see what has worked for them. 


1.2 Capital Coexist  - The website host had crashed but the domain has been moved and the site is restored.  If you notice anything is missing contact Jason (  The CC display and materials were at GIS & World Town Planning Day at UAlbany on November 8 and UAlbany Green Transportation Day November 9.  If you would like to obtain educational materials or have Capital Coexist present or table at an event contact Jason (   


1.3 Livingston Avenue Bridge – NYSDOT is currently in the project scoping process for the replacement/rehab of the Livingston Ave Bridge and has met with stakeholders to initiate discussions.  The stakeholders group meeting was held on Sept. 30 and the group voiced the need for pedestrian facilities on the bridge.  I. Vamos is working on gathering examples of rails with trails with bridges. K. Bronson said Chicago has some examples and J. Gritsavage has observed pedestrians using the bridge in its current state of disrepair.  All letters can be written to Richard Filkins, Project Manager, NYSDOT Region 1, 328 State St., Schenectady NY 12305.


1.4 SRTS Mini grants – National SRTS mini-grants are due November 19.  The grants are small, at $1,000 each but no match is required. 


1.5 Scheduling of 2011 Meetings – The following dates were proposed for the 2011 Bike Ped Task Force meetings: Jan. 11, Feb. 8, Mar. 8, Apr. 12, May 10, and June 14 at 9am.


1.6 Local Project Updates

1.6.1 Albany Education District Enhancement Study – The second public meeting was held October 6 at 6:30 pm at St. Rose’s Touhey Forum.  Preliminary recommendations include bicycle and pedestrian improvements throughout the study area, amenities such as benches, trash receptacles and pedestrian-scaled lighting, and design guidelines to make the area more vibrant and safe.  The draft report is currently being reviewed by CDTC and City of Albany planning staff.     


1.6.3 New Scotland Hamlet Master Plan – The REI went out in November and proposals are due Dec. 3.  CDTC and the Town, in coordination with stakeholders, hope to develop a land use plan, proposed zoning and design guidelines to create a walkable hamlet area at the NYS 85/85A intersection area.  Connections to the Albany County Rail Trail will be explored.


1.6 “They just don’t get it….”

1.7 Other New Business

1.7.1 D. Odell announced that the Albany Bicycle Coalition is looking for answers on bike accommodations involved in the Fuller/Washington Ave Reconstruction project.

1.7.2 J. Gritsavage asked how NYSDOT will deal with the new Infrastructure Act.

1.7.3 J. Purvis announced that Jim Oberstar wasn’t re-elected and therefore there will be a new House Transportation Committee leader.

1.7.4 T. Fabozzi suggested a midblock crossing be installed on Sand Creek in front of Hannaford Plaza (across from CDTC/Barnsider parking lot).

1.7.5 R. Leslie announced that the final Delaware Ave Hamlet Study public meeting is scheduled for Nov. 15 at Bethlehem Town Hall. 

1.7.6 S. Olsen went to the High Speed Rail scoping meeting and reported that many people were asking about bike/ped access on the Livingston Ave bridge.

1.7.7 D. Odell announced that Albany Bicycling Coalition sent a letter to the City of Albany administration congratulating and commending them on the city-wide installation of sharrows over the last few months.   


2.0  Upcoming Events – Next Bike-Ped Meeting is scheduled for December 14, 2010 at 9:00 AM