Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on November 18, 2003


Attendance: Judy Breselor (Hudson River Valley Greenway), Mark Cashman (MHCC), Lindsay Childs (Guilderland Pathways Committee), Dom De Cecco (Retired Legislator), David Gehrs (CDTA Planning), Andy Labruzzo (Albany County), Kevin McLoughlin (NYPCA), Don Odell (Retired), Bob Speece (NYSDOT- Region 1), Deb Spicer (NYSDOH), Elaine Troy (NYSDOH), Teresa La Salle (CDTC), Jason Purvis (CDTC)




The October meeting minutes were approved.






3.1 Greenways Grant for Regional Bike Trail: J. Purvis reported that the final report has been completed and will be available on the participating agencies websites soon.


3.2 Canalway Initiative: K. McLoughlin noted that Statewide Trails Day 2004 will be held the first Saturday of June.  The purpose of the event is to involve people in local trail resources and the adopt-a-trail program.  Events will be included for children.  The 2004 event will focus on a festival theme. Partner groups are requested to advertise the event on their websites.  D. Odell reported that the ECOS has produced a Montgomery County Trail Guide. The trail is nearly complete and currently extends from St. Johnsville to Amsterdam.  D. Odell also mentioned the Town of Colonie’s continuing work with the Countrywide Exchange Program.  Maggie Vincegera is leading the Town’s initiative on improving access to the Mohawk River and connections to the existing trail.  The final summary is available on the Town’s website. 


3.3 Guilderland Pathways Committee: L. Childs reported that Bob Stricos and Hugh Johnson have put together a report of roads within the Town of Guilderland and have rated them on their bike suitability.  The report needs revisions.  The sidewalk master plan is being used as a reference for neighborhood planning projects.


3.4 Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike Trail Map update: There were no updates to the map to report.


3.5 Greenway Linkage—Rensselaer County: J. Purvis reported that Elan Planning and Design with the Hudson Group have been selected as the consultant for the project.  Kickoff meetings will get underway within the next few weeks.


3.6 Gameplan and Toolbox Update: J. Purvis reported that the group needs to create some deadlines for product completion.  Jason will share updates as they become available.





4.1 SAFETEA—bicycle and pedestrian items: J. Purvis noted that the Enhancements program will continue and that the review and approval process will be streamlined. Further information is available on the FHWA website.


4.2 Patroon Greenway Linkage: T. La Salle reported that CDTC has decided to go forward with the project.  The REI and scope of the project has been developed and will be advertised in the Contract Reporter within the next few weeks.  Individuals will be contacted to participate on the Study Advisory Committee in the next week or so.


4.3 Jason’s Pedestrian Safety Scanning Tour: J. Purvis noted that he should have a summary of his tour available at the December meeting.  He noted that overall the group observed enforcement as the area that needs the most focus.  It was suggested that the local County Traffic Safety Boards be invited to the December task force meeting.


4.4 Bike Map Field Test (Dave Gehrs): D. Gehrs reported that he biked the section of the trail from the Hudson River Way in the City of Albany to the Watervliet section.  He noted that the map was sufficient for use as a reference along the trail.  He suggested more detail regarding the location of trailhead parking.  This may be accomplished with insets.  He also noted that on-road and on-trail signage could be further improved. 


4.5 Upstate APA Conference: J. Purvis circulated materials that were part of Deb Spicer’s presentation on Walkable Communities.


4.6 **Scheduling of Meetings:


In an attempt to encourage more attendance at the Task Force meetings, CDTC began to alternate the start times of the Task Force meetings.  Unfortunately, the change in start time did not bring more people to the table.  Therefore, the Task Force meetings will back (and stay at) the original start time of 4:30 pm.     



E. Troy reported that she had followed up with Milt Mitchell, regarding Enhancement and Spot Improvement funds status in the City of Schenectady.    The status is as follows:  1999 Enhancement Funds ($120,000) – Awaiting matching funds, is included in Schenectady’s 2004 budget.  1999 Spot Improvement Funds ($20,000) – Completed Pedestrian Walkway at Nott Street.  $345,000 allocated for SCCC, State @ Washington intersection, will be completed in Spring 04.  $370,000 CMAQ funds – Completed Sidewalks on Kings Road.


J. Purvis reported on that NYBC is hosting a planning meeting for the May 2004 Bike to Work Week at 7:00 p.m. December 12th.  Please contact Jesse Day at NYBC for more information.


D. Spicer reported that the NYSDOH has grants available from the Center for Disease for Walkable Community Workshops.  Monies are available for 5 or 6 communities.  The workshops are 4 hours long and would need local sponsors and locations.  Each workshop would take about 20-30 participants and field work is involved.  The sponsor is responsible for all coordination.  Workshops would be held in Spring 04.  The task force will follow up regarding possible interest at the December task force meeting.  More information can be found at


J. Purvis noted that CDTC is looking to focus on Bicycle LOS indexes.


E. Troy noted that 45 schools and 10,000 children across the State participated in this year’s Walk your Children to School Day.  UNC is currently working with CDC for monies for a Safe Routes to School Program.


D. Spicer noted that the 2004 State Pedestrian Conference is planned for early June in Rochester.


B. Speece reported that NYSDOT is looking to install trail signage at the Watervliet Trail Head as well as Manor Avenue in Cohoes, one in Waterford, Green Island, and possible locations in Schenectady.






-         The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 9th, 4:30 p.m. at the CDTC Offices.