Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of the Meeting on March 12, 2013


Attendance: Linda Von der Heide (Rensselaer County), Mary Harding (NSYDOT SRTS), Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Ed Tremblay (City of Cohoes), Elaine Troy (NYS DOH), Todd Fabozzi (CDRPC), Rob Leslie (Town of Bethlehem), Gina Gillooley (NYS DOH), Nelson Ronsvalle (Halfmoon), Melissa MacKinnon (Niskayuna Safe Routes), Michael Lyons (Colonie), Jim Levy (CDM Smith), Jen Hogan (GTSC), Emmett McDevitt (FHWA) Jason Purvis (CDTC)


1.0  New Business


1.1 Safe Routes to School

M. Harding reported that NYSDOT made the announcements for the latest round of SRTS projects on January 4th.  Each DOT region is working on hosting a kick-off meeting for funded sponsors.  Region 1’s meeting was scheduled after the February Task Force meeting for March 28th from 1-4pm at the CDTC offices.



1.2 Bike to School Day/Bike Month

There was discussion about upcoming Bike to School Day events.   There is an assembly at Hammagrael Elementary School in May, the Ride of Silence is scheduled for May 15th, the Bethlehem BPAC is hosting a skills course for a local cub scout troop on April 28th at the Elm Ave Park.  Schools and municipalities are encouraged to register their events at


1.3 Capital Coexist

Jason reported the interest in expanding Capital Coexist to include pedestrians.  The timing coincides with a series of articles from the Times Union about pedestrian safety on Central Avenue.  This will be a great opportunities to develop new and strengthen existing partnerships showing how the E’s are working together.



1.4  STEP (not TEP)

M. Franchini reviewed the STEP funding process and evaluation.  He shared the list of proposals received and the 5 projects that were sent to NYSDOT Main Office for future consideration.  It is unknown when NYSDOT will make announcements on what projects receive funding. 


1.5  NYSMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Working Group

Jason reported that the statewide group would be meeting on March 20th in Syracuse.  The group is looking for opportunities to include Complete Street elements in preservation and maintenance capital projects.  They are also looking for opportunities to include additional bike/ped related questions in the driver exam pool. 



1.6  Local Program Updates

·       N. Ronsvalle stated that Halfmoon is working with the Champlain Canal group to connect Waterford to Mechanicville.  There is a lot of momentum behind this project.

·       D. Odell reported on a Transportation Alternatives day co-sponsored by PTNY, AARP, and the Tri-State Transportation Alliance at the Fort Orange Club on March 13th. 

o   Since the Task Force meeting, Jason attended this event.  There was a lot of great discussion about MAP-21 performance measures and how to leverage funds for bike/ped projects.

Don also reported that a Complete Streets Ordinance is being considered by the Albany Common Council. 

·       E. Tremblay indicated that Cohoes is waiting for the construction season to begin to progress their bike/ped projects.

·       J. Hogan announced that the next GTSC call for grants are due on May 15th.  Information is available at  GTSC is also sponsoring law enforcement training similar to that held in the Capital Region in Nassau County March 25-26 and in the Buffalo area May 6-7th.

·       Ivan reported that NYBC Director, Brian Kehoe, has resigned.  NYBC is seeking to fill the Director position.

·       M. Lyons stated that the Town of Colonie expects construction of their SRTS project (Round 1) in April or May.

·       M. MacKinnon reported that the Niskayuna Safe Routes Committee is looking to hold an event in April to try and get more people involved.  The Committee’s website is  They are focusing on safe connections around the Town, to the trail system and to the BRT service on Central Avenue. 

Melissa also reported that Ellie Blue of Portland, OR will be doing a Bike and Dinner Tour on May 15th locally.  The Safe Routes Committee is looking for venues and coordination and support/involvement  and are also looking to a larger community for education opportunities.  Suggestions at the meeting included bike shops, Mohawk Land Conservancy, the TU Bike Blog, Metroland, PTNY and the Troy Bike Rescue.  Venue suggestions included City Hall and Proctors.  Additional outreach and venue suggestions can be sent to Melissa t bikinghome AT gmail DOT com

·       Emmett participated in a full 3 piece suit, tie, and expensive Italian leather shoes.  This level of formality is not often seen at a Task Force meeting.


1.7  “They Just Don’t Get It”

Nothing to report



2.0 Upcoming Events

Meetings Open to the Public: