Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on March 8, 2011


Attendance: Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Jason Purvis (CDTC), Jen Ceponis (CDTC), Leah Mosall (CDTC), Todd Fabozzi (CDRPC), Ed Tremblay (City of Cohoes), Rob Leslie (Town of Bethlehem), Nelson Ronsvalle (Town of Halfmoon), Mary Harding (NYSDOT), Jim Levy (WSA), Gina Gillooley (NYSDOH)


1.0   New Business

1.1 New NSYDOT Bike/Ped webpage – Demonstration by M. Harding –  NYSDOT is developing a webpage devoted to bicycle and pedestrian activity in NY.  It is not yet published to the web but will be in the near future.  Some products that will be available include searchable maps and safety information.  Any local bicycle or trails advocates can help fill in trail and route details by contacting Eric Ophardt (518.457.0922 or 


1.2 Online Discussions – CDTC is updated their public participation plan as part of the Long Range plan update.  One component of the plan is expanding public participation to online discussions (i.e. blog).  L. Mosall presented some options for facilitating online discussions which included Facebook, Disqus, Twitter and a page on the Capital Coexist website dedicated to discussion topics. 


1.3 Earth Day Event - As part of local Earth Day events, a “bicycle flotilla” is planned for Friday, April 22 at 11:30.  Visit the events webpage for more information and updates:


1.4 Capital Coexist – It has been brought to CDTC’s attention that the CapitalCoexist email was not working but is being worked on.  Capital Coexist is partnering with the Valley Cats for promotional events this summer.  As part of ongoing marketing, Capital Coexist is looking for new opportunities to distribute printed materials.

- G. Gillooley suggested partnering with Schenectady County DMV to put materials in new driver packets. 


1.5 Bike Rack Program Update – The bike racks have been ordered (applications were due Feb. 25). Received less than the $50k available in funding so most likely all applicants will receive bike racks.  The racks should be delivered in mid-end of April. 

            - R. Leslie requested that the public vs. private be broken down for next meetings.

- D. Odell has heard from local businesses and the Albany Bicycle Coalition that the costs of installation is deterring some private businesses from applying for bike racks.


1.6 Linkage Updates


1.6.1 Albany Education District Enhancement Study – Draft report is currently being reviewed by CDTC, City of Albany planning staff, St. Rose and UAlbany.  Preliminary recommendations include bicycle and pedestrian improvements throughout the study area, amenities such as benches, trash receptacles and pedestrian-scaled lighting, and design guidelines to make the area more vibrant and safe. 


1.6.2 New Scotland Hamlet Master Plan – The first Study Advisory Committee was held Monday, March 7.  Although it was a working meeting, over 15 residents showed up to observe.  CDTC and Behan Planning are working on the Existing Conditions Report and the next SAC meeting is anticipated to be in May.


1.6.3 Delaware Avenue Hamlet Enhancement Study – The Final Report is done and will be available on the CDTC website.  CDTC is working on an Implementation Plan.


1.6 “They just don’t get it….” – The NY Post published an article ( in January claiming that New York City was waging a war on cars through their efforts to enhance bicycle and pedestrian amenities and infrastructure throughout the City. Earlier in March, the NYTimes published an article ( which explained both the praise and criticisms of Janette Sadik-Khan and her work as NYC Transportation Commissioner.  New York City’s bike lane projects have been getting some criticism in the news but its important to keep in mind that even with all the new infrastructure, less than ½% of the total pavement has been turned over to bicycles and pedestrians over the last three years (source:


1.8 Other New Business

            -J. Purvis reported that he spoke with CDTC Executive Director John Poorman regarding bicycle funding and priority progress.  Going forwarded, bulleted notes from each Bike/Ped Task Force meeting will be provided to the Planning Committee.  In other news, CDTC would like to imitate Bethlehem’s prioritization matrix for the Bike/Ped Priority Network- 2010-15 TIP provides 40% of funding off priority network.


            J. Ceponis explained that the Bicycles May Use Full Lane signs will be prohibited, according to the NYS MUTCD Supplement.  CDTC is coordinating a meeting with NYSDOT to facilitate further discussion since public outreach has proved most people prefer those signs over “Share the Road” signs. 


            N. Ronsvalled asked if the MUTCD topic would be an example of discussion on the potential discussion forum.


            J. Levy announced that the pending Bike Registration bill was dropped.


            M. Mackinnon introduced herself to the committee and announced that she is taking over the Town of Niskayuna’s Safe Routes committee and trying to find out what is going on through the region regarding the same topic.


            E. Tremblay announced that Cohoes is moving forward on 4 new bike/ped trails and should start construction once the snow melts; their consultant is working with City in identifying walking routes which can be rated based on elevation, length and difficult (1-mile, 3-mile, etc.). 


            1.8.1 New Agenda Items – Local professional who attended the National Bike Summit may be available in April to report on the conference.



1.7 Other New Business

1.7.1 Safe Routes to School mini grants – Applications were due Nov. 9 and recipients will be notified by Dec. 17. 


1.7.2 Transportation Enhancements Program + Safe Routes to School – $20M has been allocated to the programs statewide. NYSDOT and MPOs will provide application support throughout the process in order to level the playing field for municipalities with fewer resources.  The solicitation timeline will be dependent on new commissioner appointment.


E. Troy recommended lots of promotion and advertising at all levels so schools know they can and should apply. 


M. Harding said non-infrastructure projects require the “5 Es” and sponsors will be required to submit before and after reports on projects.  A minimum of 10% and a maximum of 30% of funding will be committed to non-infrastructure projects. 


G. Gillooley suggested that the Governors Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC) not be in charge of education and/or non-infrastructure portion of the SRTS program, as is being discussed.  GTSC’s management of the education piece could potentially fail because of the disconnect to municipalities. 


T. Fabozzi suggested there be an education component for school districts to understand land use / site location implications.


J. Purvis will keep committee updated on SRTS and TEP program development.


1.7.3 CDTA Bike Rack Program – CDTA will announce solicitation for applications in beginning of January.  Check CDTA, CDTC and Capital Coexist websites for details.  Non-profits and government agencies can receive up to $1,000 and private businesses can receive up to $500 for new bike racks, bike lockers or bike shelters.  Bike lockers and shelters are new to the program in 2011. 


1.7.4 R. Leslie announced that the Albany Country Rail Trail is under funded and the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy (MHLC) is looking for partnerships to work with county to get sections of the trail opened as-is.  Bethlehem is looking and maintenance and improvement costs. 


1.7.5 E. Tremblay announced that the Delaware Avenue trail project is moving ahead; over 25 firms picked up bid packages and the City is hoping for a good price.  The project should be complete by July 2011.  TEP and canal grant money will fund connection of trail to old Erie Canal through Cohoes and to Cohoes Falls/Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike Trail/ Delaware Ave Trail.


1.7.6 J. Purvis announced that CDTC was invited to a meeting with Senator Gillibrand’s staff regarding the Stafford Road and Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike Trail crossing.  Gillibrand asked the group to look at projects that have been in the queue, related to the trail corridor, for awhile and begin to think about how we can overcome existing obstacles to complete them. 


1.7.7 E. Troy announced new NYSDOH programs. One is an integrated school policy grant that would examine what policies are in place to make schools healthier by working with school boards.  E. Troy stressed the importance of SRTS-type of initiatives and projects in these programs.  NYSDOH is also starting a Healthy Places program as part of the Creating Healthy Places Coalition.  This program intends to promote trails, building community gardens, and promoting Complete Streets policy. 


1.7.8 G. Gillooley announced that Herkimer County is going to work on Complete Streets with NYSDOH.


1.7.9 N. Ronsvalle shared concept renderings, plans and details on Halfmoon’s Exist 8 Crescent Road Trail.  The road is currently not designed appropriately for bicycle and pedestrian use, yet bicycle and pedestrian use is heavy along corridor.  The project is a TIP project that is a partnership between Clifton Park and Halfmoon.  The budget is tight so the Towns are working on it piece by piece. 


T. Fabozzi made a recommendation regarding the presentation of the trail concept illustrations – do not abstract ped projects from surrounding development because these types of projects need to be looked at more holistically and in the context of all of their connections. 


2.0  Upcoming Events – Next Bike-Ped Meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2011 at 9:00 AM