Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on March 11, 2008



Attendance: Audrey Ball (Town of Malta), Wally Elton (PTNY), Ross Farrell (CDTA), Jeff Gritsavage (NYSDOT), Amy Jesaitis (NYSDOH), Robert Leslie (Town of Bethlehem), Raj Malhotra (NYSDOT Region 1 Planning), Kelly Mateja (Town of Colonie), Jim Mearkle (Albany County DPW), Don Odell (ABC), Joshua Poppel (Alta Planning & Design), Dave Rettig (NYSDOT Region 1), Nelson Ronsvalle (Town of Halfmoon), Fred Thompson (Friends of MH), Teresa LaSalle (CDTC), Jason Purvis (CDTC)




1.1 Safe Routes to School –any final questions?:  J. Purvis reminded attendees that applications are due April 1st and that this was the last BP Task Force meeting prior to the application deadline. Four copies of the application are requested and should be submitted to DOT.


1.2 Transportation Enhancement Program: J. Purvis reminded attendees that applications are available for TEP projects and are due June 27th 2008. MPO’s are requesting that they be able to use the same additional evaluation method as they have used in the past.  Evaluation procedures will be on the April 2nd CDTC Planning Committee agenda.  Once approved the evaluation information and complete solicitation package will be mailed out.  CDTC will put together an evaluation team that will be made up of CDTC staff as well as non- project sponsored evaluators. Two Enhancement Workshops will be held, the first will be on Wednesday, April 16th at DOT Region 1 in Schenectady and the second will be held on Wednesday, April 23rd at AGFTC.  Both workshops commence at 10:00 AM.


1.3 MHBHT Map Update—discussion only:  T. LaSalle distributed a handout of changes to be made to the existing 2004 Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail Map for the 2008 update.  A brief discussion followed.  Some of the changes listed need to be discussed further, while others are in-house changes that CDTC will be exploring.    Some of the necessary improvements may prohibit the completion of the 2008 update to occur for the Spring biking season.  A more realistic publication date is Summer 2008. Any additional comments are welcome and can be submitted to Teresa or Jason.


1.4 Set-asides for TIP:  J. Purvis noted that approximately 1 Million dollars in funding for Bike/Ped TIP Set-asides is available and applications are due March 31st. More information is available on CDTC’s website.


1.5 Local Project Updates:


               1.51 Linkage Studies


J. Purvis noted that in March CDTC’s Policy Board approved the next round of Linkage Projects.  Two projects that have significant Bike/Ped elements are the Albany City Bicycling Master Plan and the Village of Altamont Bicycle Master Plan.


1.52 Town of Colonie Pathways Plan—status


K. Mateja noted that a public meeting will be held on Monday, March 24th at The Crossings of Colonie at 7:00 PM. The draft plan is available for review at


1.6 “They just don’t get it….”:  No items.


1.7 Other New Business: 


J. Purvis announced that a new staff member will be joining CDTC on March 17th.  Jennifer Ceponis will be joining the staff as a Transportation Planner.  Jennifer is coming to CDTC from Edwards and Kelcey.


J. Purvis noted that the NYS MPO Bicycle/Pedestrian staff working group will be meeting on March 18th at the CDTC offices.


J. Purvis reported that DOT is looking into developing a statewide bicycle map.


D. Rettig shared DOT’s concerns regarding CDTC’s Bike/Ped Priority Network and the prioritization of particular bike/ped routes relative to transit routes.  J. Purvis and other Task Force members provided some background on the development of the network, as well as the recent initiative to enhance and strengthen the existing network, including data collection and pedestrian buffers.



The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 8, 2008 4:30 p.m. at the CDTC Offices.