Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on July 7, 4:00pm



Attendance: Don Robertson (NYSDOT- Region 1), Dominick DeCecco (Albany County Legislator), Henrietta O'Grady (Saratoga County Heritage Trails Committee), Don Odell (Albany County Department of Economic Development, Conservation and Planning), Bert Schou (CDTA), Paul Russell (Town of Colonie), Joshua Poppel, Katherine Forster (CDTC)


Regrets: Monique Wahba (City of Albany Planning Department)


Bike/Hike Map

Staff will be giving revised bike map to printers soon.  Bert Schou advised of some new revisions in regards to the Exit 26 Park and Ride Lot. There are bike lockers and bike racks at the new lot and access to the trail.  Dominick DeCecco had some additions to the bike map also after riding the trail. 



Bike Accident Data

Vehicle accident data for Albany city streets has been obtained.  Staff is using this data for some projects. Bert Schou questioned if there was a high percentage of accidents in relation to rights on red.  The percentage isn't high for the County data (state roads) but it may be higher in the city.  When results for the City of Albany are available, data for rights on red will be analyzed.



Prioritized List of CDTC Activities

Bike sign standards for the New York State DOT are being revised.  Don Robertson presented the bike sign standards draft for the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  More discussion followed in regards to the draft guidelines that the task force is trying to write (see below).  Bert Schou would like this task force to discuss road maintenance issues at a future meeting (for example the dangers in regards to lack of sweeping, pot holes, etc.).


Bike Symbol Email from DOT

The task force discussed whether a bike symbol painted along the curb line would be a good way to sign shared lanes that meet design standards.  This would definitely be a reminder to cyclists as to which side of the road to bike on.  The task force would like to find out if there are any types of signs that could be used because a sign would last longer than a pavement marker.  Staff will research in the Federal MUTCD for other signs.




Bike Signage Guidelines

An outline for the bicycle sign guidelines was presented to the task force.  Some of the comments from the task force:

- Too many signs from different organizations - how can we consolidate different signs (i.e. Heritage Trails, Canal Corporation Towpath signs, etc.

- Mileage markers should start at 0 in Cohoes and count up going towards both Albany and Schenectady, then as the trail is extended at either end the mileage can be added on.

- Advertising should be explored so that signage can be funded.


Staff will take pictures of the different signs on the trail and work on a draft for the signage guidelines for the next meeting.



Other Items


-        The League of American Bicyclists rally, GEAR 99 was held on June 18 to 21.  It was a great weekend and was well attended. Don Robertson and Henrietta O'Grady reported on the event in Saratoga.

-        Dominick Dececco reported that there was an article in the Times Union "In-line Skaters Scarce on Prime Pathway" that said that the Town of Colonie will spend $30,000 over the next three years to repave its 5.5 mile section of the Mohawk-Hudson bike trail.

-        In regards to other communities working on bike trails, the question was raised whether Theag had done a SUNY student workshop study on a bikepath from the Port to Coeyman's Landing.  Staff will inquire about this project.


-        New York State Bicycling Coalition received a grant from the Governor to follow up on some initiatives started by the Traffic Safety Council.


Next Meeting


Please Note that the meeting will be held on a different day than usual - Tuesday, August 17, at the CDTC office, 5 Computer Dr. West, at 4:00 pm.