Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on July 2, 2002



Attendance: David-Iman Adler (NYPCA), Mark Cashman (MHCC/LAB), Lindsay Childs (Guilderland Pathways), Dom De Cecco, Angelika Harrington (CDTC), Kenneth Kovalchik (Hudson River Valley Greenway), Andy Labruzzo (Albany Co. EDCP), Shaun Logue (CDTC), Kevin McLoughlin (Hudson River Valley Greenway), Sreekumaar Nampoothiri, (CDTC), Don Odell (retired planner), Barbara Quint (Guilderland Pathways), Deb Spicer (NYSDOH), Jim Utermark (The Louis Berger Group, Inc.), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Teresa La Salle (CDTC), Jason Purvis (CDTC)





May 2002 minutes were approved.





2.1 SPOT Improvement Program (Round 2): J. Purvis reminded members that applications are due on July 31st, 2002.  So far CDTC has received one application from the Town of Malta.   Announcements will be made sometime after the September Planning Committee meeting.  I. Vamos requested a roster of project applications be made available at the August task force meeting.


2.2 Guilderland/Bethlehem trail possibilities: L. Childs of the Guilderland Pathways Committee noted that he had received a phone call from Dan Odell of Bethlehem.  The Pathways Committee has not followed up on the issue as of yet.  L. Child also mentioned a grant from the Audbon Society aimed at studying the preservation of the Normanskill.




3.1 Greenways Grant for Regional Bike Trail: The initial meeting with Clark-Patterson will take place in July.  J. Purvis noted that regional outreach will begin soon, with a joint meeting of the groups involved, sometime in September or October.


3.2 Canalway Initiative: D. Adler gave a brief summary of the statewide meeting.  Documents to be completed include bylaws, draft design, and a trail maintenance draft.  A. Labruzzo requested a copy of the trail maintenance draft.


3.3 Bethlehem Crosswalk Campaign: J. Purvis noted that CDTC is still awaiting a list of stanchion placement locations. 




4.1 Walk Our Children to School Event (Cohoes): Events were successfully held at three elementary schools in Cohoes in mid-June.


4.2 Greenway Trail Events/Opening of Albany Pedestrian Bridge: K. Kavolchik presented attendees with an overview of the upcoming Hudson Greenway Trail Tour.  Members are invited to participate in the bike ride on August 10th.  This will be in conjunction with the opening of the Albany pedestrian bridge.


4.3 Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike Map (green/white): J. Purvis noted that permission has been granted for CDTC to recreate the Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike Map.  The task force will be asked for input as the project proceeds.  There is no projected date of completion at this time. A. Labruzzo suggests using tax parcels as a basemap layer.  T. La Salle will look into the matter, once the project is underway.


4.4 PICARD: J. Purvis and I. Vamos gave a summary of the PICARD software.  Members of CDTC and NYBC recently met with Batelle researchers regarding possible use of the software.  The software is not geared toward the MPO level of analysis.


4.5 Saratoga Heritage Trails Committee: J. Purvis noted that the Zim Smith Gap Report is complete.  Please contact CDTC if you would like to review a copy. 


4.6 Other new business: J. Purvis announced that a public meeting will be held on Thursday July 11th at 7:00 p.m. at the Schenectady County Community College regarding connecting the Mohawk-Hudson Trail from the State St/Washington Ave. intersection to the trail head at the college.  J. Purvis encouraged members to attend.  He also noted the fact that a contra-flow bike lane is part of the plan.


J. Purvis provided members with copies of L. Child's letter and the NYS Thruway's response regarding the planned Thruway flyover at exit 24. J. Purvis noted that the enhancement projects have been selected and announcements will be made by the Governor throughout the summer and fall.


J. Purvis informed members that CDTC interns are currently gather data for CDTC's Pedestrian Friendliness Inventory.  CDTC is also taking pictures of the bike trails for the Greenway grant.  J. Purvis noted that Don Robertson had appeared on television to discuss bicycle commuting to work.  Jason will try to obtain a copy of the tape for viewing at the next meeting.


D. Spicer noted that yield to pedestrian at unsignalized crosswalks bill has passed the Assembly.  D. Spicer also noted the availability of Bike/Ped Road Show grants for MPO's.  D. Spicer mentioned she had attended a meeting regarding a grant from the Hartford Foundation for transportation for seniors.  She noted that the meeting was transit focused.


B. Quint discussed the Guilderland Pathways current issue regarding the placement of sidewalks over buried utilities.  Members discussed design standards and alternatives.


I. Vamos noted bicycle/pedestrian linkage concerns regarding plans for the State Campus and SUNY Albany's high tech center.


D. De Cecco noted seeing the corning trail features on the news, with plans to widen the trail.


D. Odell noted the Governor's May 9th press release regarding funding to complete the Erie Canalway trail.


D. Adler praised the Scenic Byways Committee masterplan proposal.


J.  Purvis noted that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 13th, not Monday, August 12th, as mistakenly noted on the agenda.






-         The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at the CDTC office, 5 Computer Dr. West, at 4:30 p.m.