Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of the Meeting on January 8, 2013


Attendance: Linda Von der Heide (Rensselaer County), Mary Harding (NSYDOT SRTS), Carrie Ward (CDTA), Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Mike Lyons (Town of Colonie), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Ed Tremblay (City of Cohoes), Elaine Troy (NYS DOH), Kate Lawrence (City of Albany), Joanna King (CDRPC), Nelson Ronsvalle (Town of Halfmoon), Jennifer Viggiani (Town of Clifton Park), Tom Johnson (TRJohnson Engineering), Brian Kehoe (NYBC), Christine Bozlak (U. Albany School of Public Health), Steve Feeney (Schenectady County), Jason Purvis (CDTC)


1.0  New Business


1.1 Safe Routes to School

Jason share the NYSDOT press release dated January 4th showing all of the infrastructure and non-infrastructure SRTS projects funded statewide under the most recent solicitation.  Statewide, NYSDOT received 117 applications with approximately $26.5M available.  64 projects were funded statewide   The Capital Region received about $1.65M (6 projects).  The future of SRTS funding is still under discussion and is part of the larger Transportation Alternatives funding in MAP-21.


N. Ronsvalle was very pleased with Halfmoon being awarded funding.  The project will complete a critical link in the bike/ped network and will have a great impact on the safety of kids going to/from school.



1.2 Recreational Trails

Ivan shared that OPHRP will be soliciting for a Recreational Trails Program in 2013.  There will be approximately $2M available statewide.  The solicitation will be coordinated with the next Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process.  The timing of the next CFA is yet to be determined.  Contact Nancy Stoner at OPHRP (


M. Harding shared that all of the regional review information has been received by Main Office.  The statewide review for non-infrastructure only applications is also complete.  An announcement of funding is expected soon.


1.3 Trail Signage

M. Lyons inquired if any members had examples of signage on the trails.  Colonie may have an opportunity to add signage along a new 0.6 mile spur of the MH Bike Hike Trail.  Mike is looking for examples to maintain consistency. 

Member suggested Mike contact PTNY, the Canal Corporation for examples.  E. Troy also mentioned that Creating Healthy Places grantees in Glens Falls are working on bike/ped issues and may have wayfinding examples. 


Discussion led to the update of the MH bike/hike map.  It was suggested that a map be created electronically and the hardcopy printing funds provide wayfinding at key locations.

Jason asked that any new segments of the trail be sent to CDTC for inclusion on a new map.  GIS files are preferred.          


1.4  NYSMPO Bike/Ped Working Group

Jason shared the MPO Working Group work plan and discussed 2 of the major goals.  The first is suggesting questions to DMV for inclusion on the new driver exam.  The second involves surveying past recipients of bike/ped funding to quantify the benefits for use when considering the future use of TA funds.


1.5  CMAQ/SPOT solicititation

·       Jason discussed the recent solicitation.  CDTC staff evaluated the projects for their benefits.  The results of the evaluation and the options for funding will be part of the broader TIP update discussions at the Planning Committee meeting on January 9th.


1.6  Local Project Updates

·       S. Feeney mentioned that Schenectady County has 3 projects in the CMAQ/SPOT solicitation for consideration by the Planning Committee. Schenectady County was also awarded funds for signage through the Regional Economic Development Council.  The ALCO project is progressing and the County is closing out the contract for the Long Path through the Plotter Kill.

·       M. Lyons stated that Colonie’s SRTS project from Round 1 has bids due in January.  Expected construction in March.

·       B. Kehoe stated that NYBC continues to push for available funds for bike/ped projects are indeed being spent.  Brian mentioned that letters are going out the MPOs stating NYBC’s position on spending and will reach out to the Policy Boards.  Jason suggested giving the MPO directors a ‘heads-up’ when approaching the Policy Boards.  A second letter is being sent from elected officials to the Governor highlighting the importance of bike/ped spending.  A third letter is being sent to the Governor requesting a line-item for bike/ped funding in the State budget.  NYBC is meeting with NYSDOT Commissioner McDonald in January to discuss all of these things.

·       E. Troy --- many public health contractors are working on Complete Streets and bike/ped projects (small scale).  She is very happy to see the increased partnerships with public health over the years.

·       Tom Johnson reported that he started his own firm in September of 2012.  He wants to get more involved with groups like the Task Force.  Tom offered his knowledge and expertise to the members.  Contact info: or 518-339-5100.

·       E. Tremblay indicated that the Heritage Trail system is expected to be complete on Memorial Day weekend.  Cohoes has a signed contract for the Black Bridge project and expects construction to begin in the spring.  The Mohawk Hudson Towpath group is working with Colonie on the preliminary engineering for connection trails.

·       Jen V. stated that Clifton Park is working with Halfmoon to complete the Mohawk Towpath project.  The Town received funds from the Canal Corp. to enhance the gateway concept at Ferry Street. 

o   The Crescent Road trail is expected to be complete in 2013.

o   The Town is currently working with CDTC on the Exit 9 area zoning update as part of the Linkage Program.  Public input opportunities are expected in the spring.  Hoping bike/ped elements are incorporated into the regulatory process.

·       N. Ronsvalle indicated that a 4000 foot section of the Mohawk Towpath is complete.  This leaves only a very small gap to fill.  The goal is to continue to connect Mechanicville to Waterford.

·       K. Lawrence indicated that the City of Albany was awarded funds that were not bike/ped specific but would touch on bike/ped elements including  Green Infrastructure on Quail Street; updates to the stage in the Corning Preserve; Connecting the Rail Trail to Broadway.

o   The Albany Bike Share/Wayfinding public meeting is scheduled for January 22nd at St. Joseph’s Hall on the St. Rose Campus.  There is an open house at 5pm with a presentation at 6pm.

o   T. Johnson asked about the status of Madison Avenue.  K. Lawrence indicated that proposals were sent to the Mayor’s office for review.



1.7  “They Just Don’t Get It”



2.0 Upcoming Events

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