Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on February 12, 2008



Attendance: Ron Casper (UAlbany Student), Martin Daley (PTNY), Todd Fabozzi (CDRPC), Jeff Gritsavage (NYSDOT), James Levy (WSA/Latham Resident), Kelly Mateja (Town of Colonie), Don Odell (ABC), Nelson Ronsvalle (Town of Halfmoon), Fred Thompson (NYSDOH Friends of MH), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Teresa LaSalle (CDTC), Jason Purvis (CDTC)




1.1 Safe Routes to School (Program Update):  J. Purvis reported that 115 people the informational workshop on January 24th at The Crossings of Colonie. Final answers regarding engineering services through DOT are not yet available, but there will be a fee for these services.

A workshop for Safe Routes to School Coordinators will be held at DOT Region One the last week in February.


1.2 iHi Model Zoning:  J. Purvis distributed a document produced by the Initiative for Healthy Infrastructure at UAlbany. The “Planning and Policy Models for Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly Communities in New York State” is “intended to be a guide for planners, policy makers, non-profit organizations, and municipal board members to make well informed decisions about adopting policies that support healthy infrastructure solutions for communities in New York State.”


1.3 Transportation Enhancement Program:  J. Purvis announced that applications are available for TEP projects and are due June 27th 2008. MPO’s are requesting that they be able to use the same additional evaluation method as they have used in the past.  CDTC will put together an evaluation team that will be made up of CDTC staff as well as non- project sponsored evaluators.


1.4 Local Project Updates:


               1.41 Linkage Studies


J. Purvis noted that a public meeting was held on January 29th for the Cohoes Van Schaick Island Study. Economic Development and elected officials in the community are on board with the plan.  The final plan is in development and a final public meeting will be held.  Before and after photo simulations of the project study area are on display at CDTC.


J. Purvis and J. Levy reported that a Public Meeting for the Exit 26 Rotterdam Study was held on February 11th.  Possible improvements to the trail crossing at Route 5S will be included in the final plan. J. Levy will present findings at a future Task Force meeting. On a related note, Schenectady County has plans to build a tunnel at Scrafford Lane.


T. LaSalle noted that the Broadway/Route 32 Linkage Study in Menands is in progress and the second Study Advisory Committee Meeting will be held on February 25th.

J. Purvis noted that the first Public Meeting was held for the NY 146/Exit 9 study in Halfmoon/Clifton Park on January 23rd and was well attended.  The second Study Advisory Committee Meeting will be held in March and a second public meeting is expected to be held in April.


               1.42 Other Local Projects


An article regarding the Helderberg Trail was circulated.  The project is being held up by the need to resolve the environmental reliability issue.  The project is on the TIP to be funded once this issue is resolved.


1.5 “They just don’t get it….”:  D. Odell circulated an article.


1.6 Other New Business: 


J. Purvis reported that CDTC is currently working on the solicitation process for an upcoming round of CMAQ (Congestion, Mitigation, Air Quality) funds.  Most bike/ped projects are eligible for this type of funding.  Recreation only projects are not eligible, projects must have a transportation focus.  There is a one million dollar set-aside for CDTC’s planning area for bike/ped capital projects, approximately 5 million dollars for Roundabout/Intersection projects, and there will also be some additional set-aside funds for Safety and ITS improvements for local signals.  There will be a focus on projects that implement recommendations from Linkage studies and other plans, such as local master plans.  As this is a federal funding program, 80/20 match is required.  The solicitation is expected to go out in February and will be due March 31st.

David Jukins will serve as the point of contact for Set-aside fund questions. CDTC is trying to coordinate so that CMAQ Bike/Ped applications that do not get funded will have the opportunity to submit for TEP.


J. Purvis reported that the next solicitation of SPOT Improvement projects will occur in May.  Total funding available for small scale capital bike/ped projects is $300,000.


J. Purvis reported that DOT is looking into developing a statewide bicycle map.


K. Mateja noted that the Town of Colonie will be holding its second Pathways Meeting on Monday March 24th at the Crossings of Colonie to review recommendations in the plan from the first meeting.  One of the recommendations is to create a town-wide priority network for those roads not included in CDTC’s Bike/Ped Priority Network. The next step will be for the Town Board to amend the plan as part of the town’s comprehensive plan.


J. Purvis discussed topics for future meetings including revisiting the signage guidelines.


I. Vamos noted that the Cohoes Falls Hydro Project applicant, Green Island Power Authority has agreed to provide bike paths on the Saratoga County side and walking paths on the Cohoes side of the project.

K. Mateja noted that the property between the Town of Colonie’s Sewer Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plan has been identified as a proposed location of a spur of the MH Bike Trail.


J. Gritsavage noted that he is no longer with State Parks and is now working in the Design Bureau at NYSDOT.  NYSDOT is developing a professional group for AICP’s within DOT.



The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 11, 2008 4:30 p.m. at the CDTC Offices.