Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of the Meeting on December 13, 2011


Attendance: Susan Olsen (NSYDOT Region 1), Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Brian Kehoe (NYBC), Elaine Troy (NYSDOH Healthy Heart), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Rob Leslie (T/O Bethlehem), Mary Harding (NSYDOT SRTS), Linda Von der Heide (Rensselaer County), Carrie Ward (CDTA),  Paul Russell (Colonie Resident), John Franchini (NYSDOT Region 1), Doug Haller (Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network),  Dan Lynch (Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network), Michael Lyons (Town of Colonie), Todd Fabozzi (CDRPC), Jim Levy (CDM/WSA), Teresa LaSalle (CDTC), Jason Purvis (CDTC), Alexa Eaglestone (Radio Disney)


1.0 New Business

1.1 Presentation by Radio Disney

A. Eaglestone presented an overview of Radio Disney and the events and activities that are offered or available.  Specifically, the contract with Capital Coexist and the outreach made to the region’s youth and their parents was discussed in detail.  The partnership with Radio Disney was great for expanding the Capital Coexist bicycle education and safety materials to a demographic not usually reached by traditional CDTC initiatives.

R. Leslie was hesitant to admit he recognized the name ‘Justin Beiber’.

I. Vamos suggested that the creative team at Radio Disney work towards making helmet use ‘cool’ so that it resonates with kids as an important issue.


1.2 Capital Coexist


Capital Coexist, under the CDTC umbrella, has contracted with Peter Flucke of WE BIKE to conduct a Continuum of Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety for Law Enforcement.  The continuum is expected to begin in January 2012.  Jason is working on confirming the best contact person(s) in each enforcement agency.


1.3 Local Project Updates

Jason reported that the City of Cohoes is working to finalize the design on their Heritage Trail and expect the project to go out to bid in the Spring with construction completed in the Fall of 2012.


1.4 NYSMPO Bike Ped Working Group

Jason reported that the December 8th NYSMPO Bike/Ped Working Group conference call had been postponed.  The meeting will be rescheduled for January after discussions with NYSDOT Main Office.    Including other stakeholders and identifying opportunities for collaboration is a main objective for the near future.


1.5 They just don’t get it

Nothing to report


1.6 Other New Business


Jason and Teresa discussed at length the options for the next printing of the Capital Region Bike Hike Map.  CDTC is leaning towards an atlas format which will help in the level of detail that can be shown.  Printing costs, staff time, and distribution remain concerns.  CDTC will look into asking those entities that have requested large quantities of maps to help offset the printing costs.  It was suggested that an updated map also be converted into an application usable on smart phones, ipads/tablets etc.  Creating an app would be an additional resource and would not replace the printed map.


The Task Force briefly discussed the proposed federal Transportation Bill that has come out of Senate Committee.  It appears that many programs that would fund bike/ped specific projects are being consolidated into a broader “other uses” category.


The Task Force discussed the results of the Governor’s Regional Economic Development Council funding.  The Alco trail project in Schenectady was the only bike/ped project identified.  It was noticed that the Day Peckinpaugh was on the list.


P. Russell suggested more discussion about allowing bicycles through drive-thru windows and how to get the Planning Boards engaged.  D. Odell concurred that more discussion is necessary


D. Haller discussed recent events for the Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network including a bike giveaway to kids.  Doug is also trying to develop an inventory of bike racks in the Saratoga Springs.  He is using CDTA’s existing google platform as a base


R. Leslie reported that the Town of Bethlehem met with NYSDOT Region 1 about shared lane markings and share the road signs on Delaware Avenue.  NYSDOT indicated that they need to create objective criteria on when sharrows are important and an engineering evaluation is needed on the corridor.


T. Fabozzi suggested that it is important that all Planning Boards be asking for bike racks and sidewalks as part of any new development.


Ivan shared an article written by Paul Bray (Wintertime and the Cylcing is Easy) December 11th, Albany Times Union.


B. Kehoe announced that NYBC has launched an improved website (  He plans on populating it with information and resources


B. Kehoe mentioned that the Livingston Avenue Bridge coalition continues to garner support.  The next meeting is Thursday 12/15 at 5:30pm at the Rensselaer Train Station.


M. Lyons announced that the Town of Colonie has transitioned an on-road piece of the Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike Trail near Boght/Dunsbach Ferry Rd to an off-road facility.


C. Ward announced that the 2012 Bike Rack Program would have an application deadline of February 17th.  Program materials and applications will be available soon. 

C. Ward also mentioned that regional car share initiative should be starting in January.  Notification to those that responded to the RFP is underway.



2.0 Upcoming Events

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