Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on December 8, 2009


Attendance: Jeff Gritsavage (NYSDOT), Raj Malhotra (NYSDOT Region 1 Planning), Jason Purvis (CDTC), Fred Mastroianni (Greenman-Pedersen Inc.), Mike Lyons (Town of Colonie), Chris Marshall (Village of Altamont), Katie Bronson (City of Albany), Rob Leslie (Town of Bethlehem), Bill Mackesey (Town of Clifton Park trails), Michael Paris (NYSOFA)


1.0   New Business

1.1 Group Discussion—Green Lites (mountable curbs).  Jeff Gritsavage introduced the newest updates to the Green Lites program.  The new version addresses comments received and better incorporates the Program into planning.  Jeff raised the question of whether or not mountable curbs should receive points in the Green Lites scoring matrix.  The Task Force recommended that mountable curbs NOT receive points because of the reduced safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.  Please contact Jeff at with any questions or comments.


1.2 Bicycle Education Update – The 4 messages are being completed by the designer.  A website domain ( is being developed (it doesn’t work now, we’re still building it).  CDTC is working with Lamar Advertising to put the messages on the sides of CDTA busses for 12 weeks in the spring/summer.


1.3 Mohawk Hudson Bike Map Update – at the time of the meeting, the bike maps were at the printer and expected within a few weeks.  Since that time, the maps have been received.  CDTC printed 12,000 copies.  Jason and Teresa will be tracking distribution.  To request a copy of the new map, please email


1.4    Local Project Updates

1.4.1       Albany Bicycle Master Plan—The Plan is complete and we’re waiting for the final copies from the consultant.  The plan will be available on the CDTC’s website.

1.4.2       Route 50—The first public meeting of the Route 50 Southern Gateway Study is scheduled for January 21st at the Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Spa State Park.  Advertising will begin in early January. 

1.5    TIP Update Process—Jason distributed a table showing the bicycle and pedestrian projects that were submitted for the 2010-2015 TIP update (those that were left off in error were later included on the table).  The Planning Committee will start programming discussions at their January 6th meeting.


1.6    They just don’t get it—nothing to report


1.7    Scheduling of Jan-June 2010 meetings—The dates for the first half of 2010 are as follows:

January 12

February 9

March 9

April 13

May 11

June 8


1.8    Other New Business

Michael Paris shared a recent press release from the NYSOFA

Bethlehem is holding a Bike Expo on May 8th that will help kids with bicycle safety and improving their skills.  This will be a good opportunity to partner with the Capital Coexist campaign.



1.3  Bike Map update – The updated Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike Map will be available December 1.  Below is a distribution pie chart from the last map printing.   


1.4  NYSDOT/MPO Bike Ped Coordinators Meeting -  Jason discussed outcomes of the coordinators meeting in Poughkeepsie. 


1.5  Local Project Update  City of Albany Bicycle Master Plan – The final public meeting was on October 27 and the comment period ended on November 10.  Two projects which were part of the Plan were implemented in early November which included sharrows on Washington Ave and bike lanes on Clinton Ave.


T. Fabozzi asked if the Bicycle Master Plan will be adopted by the City Common Council and K. Bronson responded that there is an interest in adopting it and the city hopes it will be integrated into the Comprehensive Plan. T. Fabozzi also commented that other communities should be able to use the elements of the plan which are generic and illustrative of bicycle facility treatments. 


1.5.2       NYS Route 50, Saratoga Springs – Elan Planning has been hired to d project and it is moving forward.


J. Gritsavage shared his knowledge of plans and work that were done to connect trails across Route 50, in the study area, while he worked at NYS OPRHP. 


1.6  TIP Update Process – CDTC is anticipating about $100 million and trying to develop a program for the anticipated allocation. The Priority Network was brought into question by the Planning Committee in how it may affect project evaluation.  There are few stand-alone bike-ped projects and the set-aside is not known at this time.  Another issue which will be reviewed by the Planning Committee is the cap on bike-ped projects. 


1.7  CDTC Newsletter – This quarterly newsletter can be viewed on the CDTC website.


M. Lyons asked if the newsletter could be sent electronically via email to members or anyone interested.  CDTC has tried to in the past but often has problems with other agency email filters and firewalls.


1.8  Pedestrian Action Plan Training – Training is scheduled for November 17 and 18 at NYSDOT Region 1 offices in Schenectady. 


1.9  They just don’t get it -- Nothing new was reported.


1.10         Other New Business  J. Gritsavage is looking for feedback on mountable vs. vertical face curbing and other professionals’ experience with these types of sidewalk projects.


2.0  Upcoming Events


The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for December 8, 2009 at 4:30 PM