Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on December 12, 2006



Attendance: Bill Mackesey (Town of Clifton Park), Fred Mastroianni (Foit-Albert Assoc), Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Henrietta O’Grady (Halfmoon Trails), Joshua Poppel (NYBC), Kevin Prickett (PTNY), John Stangle (Town of Colonie), Elaine Troy (NYSDOH Healthy Heart), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Jennifer Viggiani (Town of Clifton Park Planning Department), Teresa LaSalle (CDTC), Jason Purvis (CDTC)




The minutes from November’s meeting were approved without changes.




2.1 Regional Greenway Status:  J. Purvis noted that the final document is expected from the consultant at the end of the week.  CDTC will be producing some additional maps to the document.  The final document will be available on CDTC’s website and on CD’s when complete.


2.2 Future Discussion Topics:  J. Purvis led a discussion among task force members regarding topics for the 2007 task force meetings.  Ideas and interests included:


Safe Routes to School Session (Possibly in January)

Updates/Presentations on CDTC’s Linkage Studies involving bicycle/pedestrian elements/issues.

“Complete Streets” Planning, Policy, and Engineering.

A presentation on iHi’s Planning and Policy Models for Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly Communities in NYS.

Quarterly or Bi-annual updates on SPOT and TEP projects.

Saratoga County Green Infrastructure Plan

Field Trips/Bike Rides/Walks in the following communities: Round Lake, Clifton Park (Trail System), Cohoes (Speed Table observation)


2.3 Scheduling of Meetings for 2007: The following meeting dates for the Task Force have been set for 2007:

Tuesday, January 16th                      

Tuesday, February 13th

Tuesday, March 13th

Tuesday, April 10th

Tuesday, May 8th

Tuesday, June 12th


2.4 Other New Business: 


J. Purvis noted that he will be presenting the results of CDTC’s Trail Survey at the Creating Walkable Communities Conference in Corning, NY on April 17th and 18th 2007.


I.Vamos shared a document form the GTSC for reference.


I.Vamos shared a document from the Conference on Climate Change held in Poughkeepsie.


J. Stangle reported that the Town of Colonie Land Use Plan, which aims at completely rezoning the Town, should be released in final version soon.  The plan promotes mixed use, pedestrian traffic, and interconnected neighborhoods.  The Town of Colonie Planning Board is committed to implementing the plan.


J. Stangle also noted that a spur connection to the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail near Fonda Rd, about one half mile in length will be paved by a developer.  This will make a key neighborhood connection.


J. Poppel noted that NYBC is working with local entities to get “Complete Streets” legislation passed.


J. Poppel also reported that NYBC will be offering bicycling courses in the spring of 2007.


D. Odell noted the following links as useful resources for bicycle storage and rack design:   (actual report)


D. Odell also provided the following link for information regarding complete streets:


and regarding controlled chaos in Transportation Planning (removing traffic lights, signs, etc)


K. Prickett noted that the Healthy Trails, Healthy Communities Conference will be held September 28th and 29th in Rochester.  Parks & Trails New York is also seeking nominations for its 2007 Greenway and Community Trail Awards which will be presented at the Conference.  For more information, please visit their website:


The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 16, 2007 4:30 p.m. at the CDTC Offices.