Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on August 17, 4:00pm



Attendance: Dominick DeCecco (Albany County Legislator), Kevin McLoughlin (HRV Greenway), Don Odell (Albany County Dept. of Economic Development, Conservation and Planning), Don Robertson (NYSDOT- Region 1), Bert Schou (CDTA), Ivan Vamos, (New York Bicycle Coalition), Monique Wahba (City of Albany Planning Department), Katherine Forster (CDTC), David Jukins (CDTC), Sandy Misiewicz (CDTC)



Improvements to Albany Shaker Road and Watervliet Shaker Road

Dave Jukins presented the details of this project to the Task Force.  The improvements are being made to provide capacity for growth.  CDTC is a member of the steering committee and is trying to ensure that bicycle and pedestrian concerns are being addressed.  One of the project's objectives includes "improving mobility and accessibility of pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users through construction of sidewalks, a separate bike/hike trail, and intersections that enhance pedestrian safety."  Another concern is that a continuous path from the Mohawk Hudson Bike/Hike trail to Ann Lee pond is kept open.  Written comments on the project are being received until September 15, 1999.


Mohawk Hudson Bike/Hike Trail Signage

Sandy Misiewicz presented the photos she took on the Mohawk Hudson Bike/Hike trail of the different kind of signs that are used.  It was noted that signs identifying the municipality you were in would be helpful.


Draft of Bike Signage Guidelines

The draft was given out at the meeting.  The Task Force is to review it before the September meeting.  Some general comments were that a contest for creating a trail logo should be held and that there is the possibility of applying for funding from the Greenway Conservancy for a trail logo sign that can be used throughout the trail (at least the Hudson Valley portion).  A partnership with Mohawk Heritage Corridor for the Mohawk portion of the trail should be investigated also.  Another suggestion was that interpretive signage be included in the guidelines.


Other Items

-        Eric Ophardt has been hired as the new Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for NYSDOT.  He will be starting in the fall.

-        Ivan Vamos discussed the NYBC Grant to develop a Community Safety Campaign aimed at making local streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.  It will focus on mitigating traffic safety "hot spots" and promoting safe cycling and walking.

-        The City of Albany would like to see a bike/pedestrian component to the rehabilitation of the Livingston Bridge.  The City is in discussions with NYSDOT, Amtrak and CSX.  If any individuals on the Task Force would like to write a letter in support of this project, the City of Albany would appreciate it.



Next Meeting

-  Thursday, September 16, at the CDTC office, 5 Computer Dr. West, at 4:00 p.m.