Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on August 10, 2004


Attendance: Judy Breselor  (Rensselaer County), Mark Cashman (MHCC/LAB), Lindsay Childs (Guilderland Pathways), Jesse Day (NYBC), Jessica DesLauriers (HRVG), Kevin McLoughlin (PTNY),  Don Odell (Retired), John Stangle (Village of Menands),  Ivan Vamos (NYBC), ,Ernesto Acosta (CDTC), Ross Ferrell (CDTC), Shelley Lang (CDTC),  Teresa La Salle (CDTC),  Jason Purvis (CDTC)




The July 2004 meeting minutes were approved.







3.1 Guilderland Pathways Committee: L.Childs inquired about other’s experiences if any, with putting a hiking trail through a golf course.  Several members offered to provide information.


3.2 Greenway Linkage—Rensselaer County: J. Purvis reported a revised report draft document is expected soon.  The final public meeting will be held on September 30th at 6:30 p.m. at the Bloomingrove Church.


3.3 Toolbox Update: After discussing the document with John Poorman, J. Purvis noted that he will be adding some safety objectives to the document.


3.4 Patroon Greenway Linkage: T. La Salle reported that the consultant is nearing completion of Task 3 (Planning Level Conceptual Designs), with a deliverable expected for review in September.  The consultants resolved the issue of  trail access at the new I-90 culvert at Exchange St. NYSDOT is providing 1.5 meter shoulders on wither side of the culvert roadway.  These shoulders will be used for the trail route in this section. The next SAC meeting is scheduled for September 29th, with a second public meeting scheduled for October 20th. The project is on schedule and on budget.




4.1 Increased Meeting Participation:  J. Purvis reminded members that he plans on producing a survey in late summer/early fall to poll possible attendees on their likeliness to attend future meetings of the task force. 


4.2 Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Data:  T. La Salle reported that she is summarizing pedestrian and bicycle crash data from 1991 to 2001 for local and state roads. NYBC requested data from all NYS MPOS.  They are looking for examples where there has been the installation of shoulders, bike lanes, crosswalks, enforcement campaigns, or other treatments to the roadway or education efforts where bike/ped crashes have decreased.


4.3 Spot Improvement – Round 3:  J. Purvis noted that twenty-one applications were received.  A total of approximately $800,000 in funds were requested, there is only $240,000 available.


4.4 Other New Business: 


J. Purvis noted that CDTC recently received two requests for comments form NYSDOT.  The projects comments were requested for include the Route 32 Bridge in Waterford and the Canalway’s Tunnel at Scrafford Lane.  J. Purvis circulated a copy of CDTC’s comments for both projects.


J. Purvis noted that a Public Meeting for the Cohoes NY 787 project was scheduled for August 11th at the Cohoes Senior Center at 7:00 p.m.


I. Vamos noted that he testifies at NYSDOT’s hearing. He was informed at the hearing that NYSDOT will be developing a Level Of Service measure for bicycles.  NYBC agreed to follow up on this issue.


J. Purvis noted that the partnership and collaboration of CDTC’s Bike/Ped Task Force and NYSDOH was highlighted as a case study in an article.


J. Day noted that NYBC is working on an initiative to include bike/ped related rules and regulations in the NYS Driver’s manual.


J. Stangle noted that Broadway in Menands is closed and is planned to reopen on September 1st. J. Stangle also reported that Menands has received a Greenway Grant for technical work on the Schuyler Flatts trail connection.


K. McLoughlin circulated sample copies of PTNY’s new biking Guide to the Erie Canal.  The publication contains good detailed maps.  He also noted that the Cohoes Canalway Trail is in draft form.


J. Purvis noted that the Zim Smith Trail is progressing well.




-        The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14th, 4:30 p.m. at the CDTC Offices. 


The following meeting schedule has been set through December 2004:

10/5, 11/9, and 12/14.