Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on August 14, 2001


Attendance: David-Iman Adler (NYPCA), Mark Cashman (MHCC/LAB), Doug Melnick (Capital District Community Gardens), Kevin McLoughlin (Greenways), Don Odell (Albany County), Nicholas Ostapkovich (Watervliet), Paul Russell (Town of Colonie), Bert Schou (CDTA), John Stangle (Menands), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Katherine Forster (CDTC), Jason Purvis (CDTC)

Regrets: Don Robertson


There were no changes to the July Task Force meeting notes. Item 5.4 Norman's Kill Bridge was added to the August agenda.

The first announcement was from K. Forster. She will be resigning from CDTC at the end of this month. Jason Purvis will take over her responsibilities with the Task Force.


(September 14, 2000) The Task Force requested that another bicycle count be done now that Delaware Avenue was open to traffic. This can be done as part of the Bethlehem Crosswalk Campaign data collection.


(April 10, 2001) B. Schou will approach the police department with some suggestions for their Aggressive Driver's Campaign. No update at the June meeting.

ACTION: B. Schou


3.1 Schenectady Urban Bike Route Master Plan: The Steering Committee met for one last time to review the draft report. The Design Guidelines are still being put together.

3.2 Report on CDTA Bike Racks: The request to outfit the entire fleet of buses with bike racks is on the executive director's desk for approval. The racks cannot be mounted on the shuttle buses as of yet. It is a design constraint. The purchase of the bike racks to outfit the fleet of 190 buses will be put out to bid.

3.3 NYSDOH Initiatives: The detailed conference pamphlet will be out in September and will be mailed out by the committee members. It was suggested that information on Walk to School event be added to the flyers. All task force members will receive a conference pamphlet when they are prepared.


4.1 Regional Bike/Hike Map: With K. Forster leaving CDTC at the end of August, Teresa La Salle will be taking over managing the production of the map. T. La Salle attended the State MPO-GIS meeting last month. GIS staff discussed their experiences with creating bike maps for their MPO areas. She will provide the Task Force with several suggestions and options regarding the completion of the map at the next meeting.

4.2 Greenways Grant for Regional Bike Trail: As part of the efforts of the Greenways Grant, the Albany County and CDTC completed an inventory of the on-road portion of the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail from Watervliet to Cohoes. The Task Force went on a bike ride before the August meeting to look at the condition of this on-road portion. The comments received regarding the signage information was:

  1. Major intersections need a TURN warning sign before the intersection and a confirmation identification sign after the change in direction.
  2. There needs to be a TURN sign at Spring and Lincoln.
  3. There is vegetation that needs to be cleared across the bike lane on Dyke/Cohoes.
  4. The trees on Broadway need to be trimmed. The signs are difficult to see.
  5. On-road stencil signs would be easier to see and easier to follow.
  6. If on-road pavement markings are considered there could be a regional stencil. Each municipality could use it and this would keep the trail signs standardized.

4.3 New Visions 2030: CDTC staff is hoping to have something for the Task Force to review in a couple of months. The second portion of the New Visions 2030 update is scheduled to be completed in the year 2002.



5.1 Troy's Waterfront Trail Project: The Capital District Community Gardens is working with the City of Troy and TAP on two distinct projects the 7.5 waterfront trail and the Menands bridge link. There is also a desire from the City to add signage on the Uncle Sam Trail to show connections to other links.

For the South Troy waterfront trail, the City has most of the easements needed. There are still a few to be worked on. Included in this (as part of the South Troy Working Waterfront project) will be a trail along the Poestenkill. In regards to the Troy-Menands bridge the north side is the best way to get off the Troy-Menands bridge. The South Troy industrial road is also in the works. The contract has been signed with DOT. The City will not be putting out the RFP for the bike link across the Menands bridge presently. The design work must be complete first and the City needs funding to do the design. They have applied for a grant to fund this.

5.2 Maxwell/Albany-Shaker Intersection: I. Vamos wanted to update the Task Force on this project. He was also concerned that there may be some missing pedestrian connections. CDTC staff confirmed that there is a sidewalk already in front of the Times Union Building. The project identifies new sidewalks in front of the library, which will connect up with the new intersection. The new intersection is located on the east side of the library. CDTC staff will be working with the Town and the County to discuss the possibility of small changes to the new intersection and the proposed middle lane.

5.3 NYSDOT Hudson Valley Bikeways & Trailways Map: The Governor announced this summer the issuance of a new map that shows all the bikeways and trailways in the Hudson Valley. It is available from Region 8 if you call 845-431-5779. DOT will also be distributing the map to local governments, libraries, schools, tourist centers and biking and hiking organizations.

5.4 Normans Kill Pedestrian Bridge: B. Schou announced that the Town of Guilderland held a town meeting Monday night and dismantling the Norman's Kill bridge was on the agenda. This bridge has been closed to motor vehicles for many years but has been used by pedestrians and bicyclists. The Town has allocated money to take down the bridge but many residents feel it would be better to refurbish the bridge and keep it open to non-motorized used. The local neighborhood group is supportive of saving the bridge and B. Schou will keep the Task Force apprised of any news.