Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of the Meeting on April 9, 2013


Attendance: Linda Von der Heide (Rensselaer County), Mary Harding (NSYDOT SRTS), Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Elaine Troy (NYS DOH), Nelson Ronsvalle (Halfmoon), Melissa MacKinnon (Niskayuna Safe Routes), Michael Lyons (Colonie), Jim Levy (CDM Smith), Tom Johnson (TR Johnson Engineering), EJ Krans (Capital District Community Gardens), Carrie Ward (CDTA), Emmett McDevitt (FHWA) Jason Purvis (CDTC)


1.0  New Business


1.1 Safe Routes to School

There was a kick off meeting on March 28th for all successful sponsors in Region 1. NYSDOT is working on securing the local program agreements. Sponsors can choose to use the DOT design services bureau for the design of their project or elect to do it in-house or through private consultant.



1.2 Bike to School Day/Bike Month

There was discussion about upcoming Bike to School Day events. ABC is having an event in Washington Park on Sunday May 5th. There is an assembly Zoller Elementary School on May 8th and one at Hammagrael Elementary School on May 15th, the Ride of Silence is scheduled for May 15th, and Niskayuna Safe Routes is hosting Dinner and Bikes at the First Unitarian Society Church tickets are available on the eventbrite site, at Plains and Sons and at Broadway Bikes. Schools and municipalities are encouraged to register their events at


1.3 Capital Coexist

Jason reported the interest in expanding Capital Coexist to include pedestrians. The timing coincides with a series of articles from the Times Union about pedestrian safety on Central Avenue. This will be a great opportunities to develop new and strengthen existing partnerships showing how the Es are working together. NYSDOT has convened a regional committee looking at the safety of pedestrians along Central Avenue. The outcomes of this group will help guide how pedestrians are incorporated into Capital Coexist.


It was suggested that Bert Schou and Claire Nolan be invited to a future meeting to discuss the roadway rules for bikes and pedestrians.

1.4  NYSMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Working Group

The group continues to move forward in trying to get additional questions into the driver exam pool. The Working Group will hold its quarterly statewide conference call in mid-June.



1.5  Local Program Updates

       Ivan announced that NYBCs new Executive Director , Josh Wilson, would be starting on May 16th.

       Carrie discussed the NYSDOT group meeting to discuss pedestrian safety on Central Avenue.

       Emmett commented on the expanded training for law enforcement held on Long Island. This follows CDTCs training done in 2012. There is an additional training being held in the Buffalo area in early May.

       Elaine mentioned two media campaigns that relate to pedestrian safety. The first is Creating Healthy Alternatives which promotes increased walking and biking. The second is Project for Public Spaces and Good Moves which will be starting in May and looks at walking and biking from an environmental view.

       EJ indicated that there is interest in passing Complete Streets legislation in the City of Troy. The City passed a resolution on January 3rd. They are looking to establish a citizens working group which has City Council support. Troy residents interested in volunteering should contact EJ. There will also be a sub-committee of the Working Group with regional volunteers.


       They Just Dont Get It

Nothing to report


2.0 Upcoming Events

Meetings Open to the Public: