Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on April 13, 2010


Attendance: Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Jeff Gritsavage (NYSDOT), Jason Purvis (CDTC), Jen Ceponis (CDTC), Todd Fabozzi (CDRPC), Carrie Ward (CDTA), Mike Lyons (Town of Colonie), Devin DalPos (Saratoga County Trails Committee), Nelson Ronsvalle (Town of Halfmoon),Raj Malhotra (NSYDOT), William Mackesey (Town of Clifton Park), Elaine Troy (NYSDOH Healthy Heart), Rob Leslie (Town of Bethlehem), Chris Marshall (Village of Altamont), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Martin Daley (Parks & Trails New York), Jim Mearkle (Albany County DPW)


1.0   New Business

1.1 TIP Update Status – The bike-ped project evaluation summary was passed out to the attendees in the January 2010 meeting.  A copy can be found at:  Programming is taking place in two rounds.  The first round of programming includes three categories – Highway Rehabilitation ($66M), Highway and Bridge Maintenance ($4.2M), and Goods Movement ($0.6M).  The Spot Improvement Set-Aside was approved and solicitations will go out end of summer 2010 ($100k available).  The Policy Committee approved the projects programmed in Round 1.  Round 2 of programming was expected to take place April 7 but was postponed.  All projects are still on the table.


1.2 Capital Coexist – It’s Here!

1.2.1 Website – J. Purvis presented the website.  The website went live April 1 and got 10,000 hits within the first 5 days.  Capital Coexist (CC) has also created a Facebook page where they have 130 friends.  


1.2.2 Printed Media – Posters (24” x 36”) and rack cards are available for distribution.  Please contact J. Purvis if you are interested. 

E. Troy is seeking permission to put posters in NYSDOH display window in Troy and suggested getting in touch with Bill Van Alstyne a/k/a “Willy the Whistle.”

J. Gristsavage suggested CC look into hanging posters in vacant storefronts in BID areas. 

W. Mackesey will take brochures for Clifton Park events.


1.2.3 Upcoming Events – There is an events calendar on the website.  Bethlehem Bike Summit May 8 10am; Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee Bike Walk Conference June 5 in Hauppauge, NY; New York State MPO Conference June 14-15 in Syracuse, NY. 


1.2.4 Next Steps – New promotional giveaways, such as stickers, are being explored.  If anyone has any ideas or would like to add an event to the calendar contact J. Purvis. 


1.3 Bicycle Parking w/CDTA – Applications were due March 12, 2010.  The program funded 335 bike racks and created about 900 new bicycle parking spaces.  Two-thirds of the racks have been received by CDTA and recipients should have received letters indicating their pick up date – either April 19 or May 13 at the CDTA Watervliet Ave garage.

M. Daley recommended CC campaign printed media be distributed with bike racks.    


1.4 2010 GTSC Walk/Bike Conference – June 5 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hauppague, NY  Capital Coexist is on the agenda.


1.5 NYBC Bicycle Summit – The Bicycle Summit will be on April 21 at 9:00 am – 11:00 am in the LOB.  Speakers include DMV Commissioner, legislators, assemblymen, etc.  There will be bicycle parking outside of the LOB and a group bike ride will follow at 11:15 am. 


1.6 Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) funding opportunity – There is a grant available for teaching pedestrian safety workshops to older adults.  The RFP can be found at  Applications are due in May and recipients will announced mid-July.


1.7 Bike Month – If any Task Force members have information on local events related to bike month please contact Jason. 


1.8 Local Project Updates  

1.8.1 Route 50 Southern Gateway Study – CDTC and consultant are in discussions with NYSDOT regarding the feasibility of recommended concepts.  A public meeting will be held in May. 


1.9 “They just don’t get it….” – A local school displayed a sign at their construction site reading: “No smoking, no pets, no bicycles.”  According to the school, they do not have a no bike policy but while doing construction would like to prevent trespassing and using the site for cyclecross-/motocross- like events.   


1.10 Other New Business


1.10.1 E. Troy announced the Capital Region Healthy Communities Coalition is having a summit event at Hudson Valley Community College on May 26.


1.10.2 M. Daley distributed Bike Tour brochures, announced the Canalway Trail Celebration will be the first weekend of June in conjunction with National Trails Day.  The new Bicycles Bring Business brochure was distributed to the group and is available on PTNY’s website (  PTNY is currently working on a guidebook for cycling in the Hudson Valley in partnership with The Greenway.  In regards to the governor’s proposed park closings, the assembly and senate both extended funding for parks but don’t know if it will be approved.  PTNY is confident the parks will remain open but State Parks are currently operating as if they will close.


1.10.3 N. Ronsvalle – a Tour de Farm tour is being organized in Saratoga County by land trusts to promote smart growth.  


1.10.4 J. Mearkle – a new ASHE chapter is forming in hopes of bringing more complete streets-minded people into the group.  Membership fees are $35.


1.10.5 D. Odell shared two stories about local bicyclists.  One cyclist was doored, called police and the motorist was ticketed.  A veteran ABC member was ticketed for running red light.  The Ride of Silence is scheduled for May 19.


1.10.6 R. Maholtra – The first Safe Routes to School project (Shen) is anticipated to begin construction and Bethlehem’s project is scheduled to begin soon after. 

1.10.7 J. Ceponis announced that AARP has organized a Complete Streets Week with two events locally – 4/22 at Lark/Madison in Albany and 4/23 at State/Broadway in Schenectady. 


1.10.8 J. Gritsavage shared a story about a community on Long Island which made a case for cycling in their community by claiming they had a high poverty rate and cycling infrastructure would benefit them. 


2.0  Upcoming Events – Next Bike-Ped Meeting is scheduled for May 11 at 4:30PM.