Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on April 11, 2006



Attendance: Mark Cashman (LAB/MHCC), Terry Conway (PTNY), Molly Gagne (Southwest Neighborhood Assoc. Saratoga Springs), David Gehrs (CDTA), Scott Lewendon (CHA), William Mackesey (Town of Clifton Park), Jim Mearkle, (Albany County DPW), Don Odell (Albany Bicycling Coalition), Henrietta O’Grady (Halfmoon Trails Committee), John Stangle (Town of Colonie), Deb Spicer (NYSDOH), Erin Thomas (City of Cohoes), Elaine Troy (NYSDOH), Michael Alba (CDTC), Rodrigo Marion (CDTC),Teresa La Salle (CDTC), Jason Purvis (CDTC)




The minutes from March’s meeting were approved without changes. 




2.1 Transportation Enhancement Program (Evaluation Criteria):  CDTC’s Planning Committee approved the evaluation criteria.  Solicitation is expected the week of April 17th and applications will be due on June 30th.  Wilson Moore of NYSDOT Region 1 is the contact for questions regarding the application guidebook.


2.2 SPOT Improvement Program:  CDTC’s Planning Committee agreed to a July solicitation to avoid overlap with Enhancements.  Applications will be due in late August.


2.3 Regional Greenway Concept:  J. Purvis reminded task force members of the planned upcoming workshop including a facilitated discussion by Jeff Olson on the Regional Greenway Concept.  The date and location is yet to be determined, however late June is being considered.


2.4 Trail user Survey and Adjoining Residential Property Owner Survey:  J. Purvis noted that the REI is currently in the Contract Reporter and applications are due on April 27th.


2.5 Bicycle Level of Service summaries:  Summaries of all four counties for facilities on CDTC’s Bicycle Pedestrian Priority Network were provided, showing the average score per facility, per county.


2.6 Other New Business


T. LaSalle gave an overview of CDTC’s Regional Bike Hike Map draft print.  Task force members reviewed and provided comments.  Finishing touches will be put on the map over the next few weeks and printers are expected to be contacted in May.  A June print is expected.


T. Conway of Parks and Trails NY noted that Parks and Trails NY is working with the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation on developing database of organizations that are involved with managing and/or maintaining trails in New York State. 


T. Conway announced that the Canalway Trail Celebration will be occurring on June 3rd which is also National Trails Day. 


H. O’Grady reported that the Towns of Halfmoon and Clifton Park are currently waiting for the letting of bids for the construction of the Zim Smith Trail in both towns.


M. Cashman inquired regarding the time frame for repairs to the bike trail near Lock 8.


M. Gagne reported that the Saratoga Springs Southwest Neighborhood Association is working on a proposed off-road multi-use trail along Geyser Road with the possibility to extend to Milton and Galway.


B. Mackesey noted that there are 2 miles of trails currently under construction in the Town of Clifton Park, with additional mileage expected by the end of the year.


D. Odell noted that the Albany Bicycling Coalition is working on a map with the City of Albany to develop on-road connections to the SUNY CAMPUS.


S. Lewendon reported that NYSDOT has revised Chapter 18 of their Highway Design Manual to increase the standard recommendations of a shared use path width to 4 meters.  This could significantly impact trail projects by increasing costs 30% and causing possible Right of Way issues.  This change will only affect projects that are using state or federal funds.  NYSDOT’s Highway Design Manual is available online.


E. Thomas noted that the City of Cohoes is planning connections to Delaware Avenue and Peebles Island as a result of recommendations from the CDTC’s Connections Linkage Study.


J. Purvis reported that Don Robertson, formerly NYSDOT Region 1 Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, who is currently with NYSDOT in Binghamton, has announced his retirement.  Don was very active in CDTC’s Bicycle Pedestrian Task Force and was a great ally to the efforts of the task force.




The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9, 2006 at 4:30 p.m. at the CDTC Offices.