Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on April 12, 2005



Attendance:   Salim Adler (PTNY), Judy Breselor (Rensselaer County), Lindsay Childs (Guilderland Pathways), David Gehrs (CDTA), Kent Johnson (SUNY iHi), Mary McNeill, (NYSDOT Region 1), Don Odell (Retired), Henrietta O’Grady (Halfmoon Trails Committee), Eric Ophardt (NYSDOT Main Office), Ed Peck (Halfmoon Trails Committee),  Joshua Poppel (Downtube Bicycle Shop), Elaine Troy (NYSDOH Healthy Heart), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Teresa La Salle (CDTC), Jason Newman (FHWA Trainee), Jason Purvis (CDTC)




The February 2005 meeting minutes were approved.




2.1 Presentation—Institute for Healthy Infrastructure (iHi)


Kent Johnson of SUNY Albany gave a presentation on Improving Health through Improving Walkability and Physical Activity.  iHi is currently working with all counties in New York State and using publicly available data and personal feedback from communities.  They are promoting the benefits of paved shoulders and Safe Routes to School Programs.  They are funded by the NYS Department of Health, Healthy Heart Program.  For more information, please visit their website-


2.2 Presentation—Statewide Bicycle Level of Service


Eric Ophardt of NYSDOT Main Office gave a PowerPoint presentation on NYSDOT’s current efforts to create a statewide Bicycle Level of Service (BLOS) Map that engineers can use as a tool to incorporate bicycle accommodations in roadway design.  Currently there is no mechanism within NYSDOT that considers bikes in designs.  The BLOS will be determined by using existing NYSDOT data on variables such as shoulder width, traffic volumes, surface conditions, truck percentages, volume/capacity ratios, and posted speed limits.  A formula will be used to produce a score for each variable and an overall score for Bicycle Level of Service. The result will be a guideline for design engineers, which will be easy to use and updated annually.


J. Purvis noted that CDTC has developed their own Bicycle Level of Service at the corridor level.







3.1 Local Trails/Pathways Committees:


3.1.1 Guilderland Pathways Committee- L. Childs noted that he is one of several people chosen to comment on the Pine Bush Preserves’ Master Plan.  According to L. Childs the plan is limited in walking and trail opportunities. Potential Trail on Thruway Right of Way- J. Purvis and L. Childs agreed to hold off on this discussion until the May meeting since it would play a significant role in a hypothetical regional greenway system.


3.1.2 Halfmoon – No update


3.1.2 Clifton Park – No update


3.2 iHi Symposium—March 2005: ?


3.3 PTNY Trails Conference: J. Purvis reminded members that Parks and Trails NY will be holding a Trails conference June 17th and 18th at SUNY New Paltz. J. Purvis will be moderating a session during the conference.  J. Purvis announced that CDTC’s Bike/Ped Task Force has been nominated to receive an award at the conference for Public Leadership, by Rocky Ferraro of CDRPC. Registration information is available on PTNY’s website.


3.4 TIP Projects: J. Purvis noted that the attachment he sent out with the April meeting notice contained the TIP Freight projects rather than the TIP Bike/Ped Projects.  A handout of the TIP Bike/Ped projects was circulated at the meeting.


3.5 Albany Bicycling Coalition: No update




4.1 Regional Greenway System:  J. Purvis requested that task force members review the attachment to the meeting notice regarding Regional Greenway Systems and think about how a regional greenway system might work in the Capital District, as well as where it would be located.  At the May task force meeting, members will have a “working” session to discuss and map out a hypothetical system.  To ensure that there is sufficient time to complete this task, the May meeting will begin at 4:00 pm rather than 4:30 pm.


4.2 Healthy Transportation Article:  J. Purvis acknowledged an attachment to the meeting notice regarding the link between trail use and health.


4.3 Bicycle Crash Data Analysis: T. La Salle reported that a summary of ten years of Bike/Ped crash data was completed. The summary was in response to a request from NYBC for information regarding funding for or actual Bike/Ped improvements to locations where Bike/Ped crashes have occurred.  A table and map packet was produced for the 10 year period from 1991 – 2001, on the state system.  Additional analysis can be provided as requested.


4.4 CDTC website updates:  J. Purvis noted that recent presentations to the task force have been added to CDTC’s website.


4.5 Other New Business:  J. Purvis announced that he will be attending a meeting regarding Building Healthier Communities in Utica on April 28th from 7-9 PM at SUNY TECH Utica-Rome.  Deb Spicer will be presenting.  For more information please contact the Utica MPO at 315-798-5710.


J. Purvis reported that the NYS trail from Rotterdam westward is currently being reviewed by the legal department due to land acquisition issues.


J. Poppel noted that NYBC will be celebrating National Bike Month in May with several events.  Handouts were circulated regarding May events as well as a full calendar of events for the year.


T. La Salle noted that CDTC will be looking at updating the 2002 Regional Bike-Hike Map in the next year or so.  Since the map will be created in a newer version of GIS software than the 2002 map, the format will likely be changed.  T. La Salle requested that any information regarding existing or planned trails be shared with CDTC in as much detail as possible.  Digital files are preferred, but any information will aid in producing a quality and informative map.


E. Troy noted that the NYS Canal Conference will be held in September. 


E. Troy reported that an informational awareness campaign will be held in Glens Falls regarding pedestrian safety.  The Glens Falls MPO is involved in the initiative which will incorporate the use of pedestrian flags at a major intersection on a temporary basis.


S. Adler noted that information regarding National Trails Day Celebrations can be found on PTNY’s website.


I. Vamos reported that he is working on a trail proposal overlooking Cohoes Falls in Green Island.




-        The next CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 4:00 p.m. at the CDTC Offices.