Capital District Transportation Committee

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

Record of Meeting on April 2, 2002


Attendance: David-Iman Adler (NYPCA), Judith Breselor (HRV Greenway), Mark Cashman (MHCC/LAB), Richard Filkins (Vollmer Associates), Andy Labruzzo (Albany Co. EDCP), Don Odell (ex-bureaucrat), Barbara Quint (Guilderland Pathways), Don Robertson (NYSDOT Region 1), Bert Schou (CDTA), Elaine Troy (NYSDOH Healthy Heart), Jim Utermark (The Louis Berger Group, Inc.), Ivan Vamos (NYBC), Teresa La Salle (CDTC), Jason Purvis (CDTC)



March 2002 minutes were approved.




3.1 Enhancement Applications: J. Purvis distributed the full list of project rankings that was approved by CDTC's Planning Committee. Questions regarding rankings can be directed to Sandy Misiewicz at CDTC. J. Purvis noted it is unknown how many projects from the list will be funded. D. Robertson noted that this might be the last round of the enhancements program.

3.2 Regional Bike/Hike Map: The map has been printed and delivered to CDTC. Request for copies can be taken through CDTC's website. Members present were given copies. Suggestions and comments were taken for improvements in future versions. There is also interest in reprinting the Mohawk-Hudson map. There was concern that the closing of the Scafford Lane crossing be noted on the reprint. CDTC is down to about 500 copies. J. Purvis will look into reprinting.



4.1 Greenways Grant for Regional Bike Trail: The RFP has been published in the Contract Reporter. Proposals are due by Thursday, April 18th. The RFP is available through CDTC. A. Labruzzo stated that Albany County is close to finishing signs for the trail. The Town of Colonie will also be placing new signs along the trail. There may be a publicity event when the new signs go up.

4.2 SPOT Improvement Program: J. Purvis informed members that CDTC will solicit for the Spot Improvement Program again. CDTC Planning Committee approval is expected May 1st. After approval there will be a call for applications. J. Purvis met with CDTC Staff Director, John Poorman, and NYSDOT staff members Bob Hanson, and Don Robertson. There will be no minimum or maximum funding limit. There is $300,000 set aside for the program, $240,000 of which are federal funds. CDTC will be providing most of the paperwork. Costs of the process will be emphasized. Bundling of projects with other municipalities or TIP projects will be strongly encouraged. Municipalities must have agreement in place in order to be reimbursed. Project notifications will be sent out in September. Follow-up continues with communities that have already been funded. Responses are due by April 18th.

4.3 Canalway Initiative: D. Robertson and D. Odell provided an overview of the most recent Canalways meeting, as J. Purvis was unable to attend. On Saturday, June 1st there will be a clean up of the trail near I-787 and the Corning Preserve as part of National Trails Day. Beginning in July this area will be under a maintenance contract for litter pick-up. The expiration date of Albany County's trail maintenance responsibility is being looked into. The Canalway will be rotating meeting locations beginning with the May 6th meeting. The Canalway group is interested in building awareness about the importance of trails through advocacy groups.



5.1 NYBC: I. Vamos noted a report on rails with trails. The report highlights 72 different successful projects around the country. The publication is available in PDF format. The GTSC Intersection safety report has been completed at is downloadable at I. Vamos will have hard copies available shortly and will be delivering them to CDTC. Training will be held on May 2nd, most likely at SUNY Albany. Jeff Olsen will be leading the training course. There will be two sessions. Jesse Day should be emailing information regarding the training.

5.2 Outreach for Additional Membership: J. Purvis noted that there were three new attendees present. Two consultants, Richard Filkins, representing Vollmer Associates, and Jim Utermark, representing The Louis Berger Group, Inc. and Barbara Quint, representing the Guilderland Pathways Committee. This group consists of nine members and is currently working on the Mckownville Study with Chris O'Neill of CDTC. The group is working on a trail masterplan and a sidewalk masterplan. They also have the ability to sign off on applications prior to town board and zoning board approval of projects. J. Purvis took suggestions from the task force on increasing active membership. B. Schou suggested having a representative from the school districts. E. Troy noted that she could provide CDTC with a mailing list of school district contacts. Members noted that in order to retain interest from the school districts, the agenda should include an educational focus. B. Schou also suggested the inclusion of senior citizens. E. Troy suggested that we contact the local Volksporting chapter. This is a group that organizes walks. J. Purvis noted that the current mailing list contains approximately 62 individuals. A. Labruzzo would like to see more county and other municipal planners attend. It was suggested that we invite communities to attend and provide the task force with an overview of their bicycle/pedestrian activities. J. Purvis will follow through with suggested ideas.

5.3 Guilford Xpress: J. Purvis noted track safety tips published in Guilford Rails, Guilford Xpress publication.

5.4 Mohawk-Hudson Trail: J. Purvis was contacted by Steve Marsh, a resident of Scotia who is concerned about drainage problems on a section of the trail in the Glenville, Scotia area. The task force suggested that Mr. Marsh contact the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. J. Purvis will follow up with Mr. Marsh on the issue.

5.5 NYSDOH: E. Troy announced that the NYSDOH Nutrition Eat Well, Play Hard campaign will be sponsoring an end of bike ride event in Albany on July 30th around 2:00 p.m. The Healthy Heart RFA received 110 applications, which are currently under evaluation. It is possible that 25 will be funded. Grants will be awarded on July 1st 2003. A. Labruzzo inquired about obtaining a list of projects funded. Also, the NYSDOH will be sponsoring a one mile walk at 10:00 am Sunday, May 12th during the Tulip Festival. The Mother's Day Meander is free of charge.